The Writing Books On Which This Budding Author Depends

The Writing Books On Which This Budding Author Depends

It must be said that I have a pretty extensive library of books, and I’ve begun to add literary magazines to the shelves now, as well. A good part of this library includes books on writing, on editing, on reading like a writer, and those full of writing exercises that keep me from falling prey to the boredom-born monster who goes by the name of Writer’s Block.

At present, I most depend on three writing books…

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What tools do you use to eliminate Writer’s Block, or any block that prevents you from creating art? 

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  1. Ohh definitely going to check those out! I’m only familiar with one and Method and Madness sounds great! Thanks!

    If I’m stuck on a story, I like to walk around the city or spend some time on the muni. Anyone familiar with San Francisco knows that there are many characters out and about in our city.

    Also the going to the dog park. Hanging out with dogs gives me wonderful inspiration for new stories.

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