Academy of American Poets Poetry Contest

Announcing an exciting poetry contest from the Academy of American Poets for university and college students.  If you have any unpublished work you would like to enter into the contest, please see the guidelines below!

 University & College Poetry Prize Guidelines:

Submissions are accepted February 26-April 15

 If you are a currently enrolled City College of San Francisco student, please submit three previously unpublished poems of no more than a page each in length.

Group your submission in a single, typed document, (.doc or .docx — no .rtf please) with your name, phone number, and email on each page. Include a cover letter listing your name, address, email address and/or telephone number and titles of your poems, and how you learned of the contest. Also include proof that you are a currently registered City College Student.

 Drop Off To: English Department 5th Floor Batmale Hall


Mail To: City College of San Francisco

50 Phelan Avenue

Box: L161

San Francisco, CA 94112

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