Where You Can Purchase Forum Magazine: Part II

Three more San Francisco bookstores are now carrying the Fall 2013 issue of Forum Magazine!  Check out the list below, and see the full list of locations in the “Buy the Magazine” link above.  Happy reading!

Dog Eared Books
900 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA94110
(415) 282-1901

Books Inc.
2275 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 864-6777

City Lights
1585 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-2020

Writing Prompt Wednesday, and Happy Birthday Robert Frost!

Our own San Francisco native poet would have been 140-years-old today.  Alas, he died at the age of 88, but his poems live on and in celebration of his genius, we’re devoting this week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday contest to his poem “The Road Not Taken.”

Submit your piece inspired by today’s writing prompt to submissions@forumccsf.org and you could win a Spring 2014 issue of Forum Magazine, have your piece featured on the blog and be considered for publication in the Fall 2014 issue!

All you have to do is create a work inspired by the last stanza of one of Frost’s most celebrated works,


Here’s Where You Can Buy Forum Magazine

Wondering where you can pick up copies of the Fall 2013 edition of Forum Magazine?  Wonder no more!  These fabulous local bookstores all now carry copies for purchase for $10.

We’re also working on a way to order a copy directly of this website.  We’ll have more updates when this becomes a reality.  Happy reading!

Bird & Beckett
Books & Records
653 Chenery St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

Green Apple Books
506 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118

Book Shop West Portal
80 West Portal Ave.

Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People

It’s not easy receiving that cursed rejection letter in the mail, and often times it’s no easier for a publication to decide not to publish your piece.  No matter if you ever receive a rejection letter from us or any other publication.  It certainly doesn’t mean you lack talent, drive or a great career in the arts.  Don’t believe me?  The take a look at this great Mental Floss piece highlighting 10 rejection letters sent to 10 of our most beloved authors, musicians and artists.  Click the image for the full article.  Good luck to all of you in your bright, creative endeavors!


Writing Prompt Wednesday

Each week, a winner from our Writing Prompt Wednesday submissions will be chosen by Forum staff and featured on the blog.  All winners will receive a free Forum Spring 2014 edition upon its release, and will automatically be considered for publication in either the Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 editions of Forum Magazine!

Whenever you write a poem, story, take a picture, or create a piece of artwork based on these prompts, you can submit it to submissions@forumccsf.org.  In the subject, make sure to write “Writing Prompt Wednesday Competition,” and in the body of the email, please include the writing prompt you used for your piece.

This week’s prompt is:

writing prompt

Introducing the Editors for Spring 2014

Introducing our team of editors for the Spring 2014 issue of Forum Magazine!  These are the people who, thanks to your contributions and the help of the graphics department on campus, are able to put together this fantastic magazine every semester.

Katerina Argyres
General Editor

Katerina Argyres is currently enrolled in CCSF and SF State. When she’s not studying, working, or entertaining her dog she likes to watch old movies set in San Francisco and cook. She is currently on a detective novel spree. It is inspiring her to write short mysteries and narrate her daily activities like she is in a noir film.

Kristine Nodalo
Managing Editor
Drama and Visual Arts Reader

Kristine Nodalo has been living in San Francisco for ten years, but has continually failed to find the cool places where the cool kids hang out. In her spare time, she likes to hole up in her room with a pizza all to herself while watching Downton Abbey. You’ll usually find her hungry and searching for more food, or with her nose in a book.

Virginia Carrillo
Assistant Managing Editor
Poetry Reader

Virginia Carrillo currently works at a public library. She is a student at City College of San Francisco and wishes to obtain a bachelor’s in English literature.  Her house is currently infested with literature books and cats, all around!



Leith Mahoney-Maver
Social Media Editor
Assistant Non-Fiction Editor

The daughter of two hippies from the Santa Cruz Mountains, the third of four children, left-handed, and she once met David Sedaris while living in Paris, which has been a life highlight.  She writes about all of it in a blog called The San Franciscan.
Osiris Walls
Fiction Editor
Assistant Drama Editor
Poetry Reader

not unlike the moon
dark, pulsing clouds will reveal
My Incandescence

Brian Fidler
Drama Editor
Assistant Fiction Editor

Brian currently studies English at CCSF and lives in Oakland.
Sara McKinney
Poetry Editor

 Writes, paints, and sings in San Francisco. A South Carolina native, she loves life in the city, but will never forget home. Her favorite color is all of them, and 2014 is going to be her year.



Elise Stewart
Non-Fiction Editor
Visual Arts Co-Editor

 Since graduating from San Francisco State with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 2012, Elise has endeavored to find employment that, in some way or another, would help to facilitate her unwavering wanderlust. After a number of ill-fits–including a short, yet soul-crushing stint as a slampiece in the tech world; a demeaning personal assistantship for a racist psychiatrist; and a dismal temp job at a bridesmaid-dress startup–she has cycled back to the academic bubble. Eager to reassume a place among those with full heads and empty stomachs, Elise has ungrudgingly shelved her travel plans to reenter the figurative space she feels most at home in: that of visual arts and literature.

Bryan Makishi
Assistant Non-Fiction Editor
Assistant Fiction Editor

 Bryan likes to find good books at garage sales and at his coin laundromat’s “Take a book Leave a book” table.
David Chang
Visual Arts Co-Editor

A facetious person.  Self-proclaimed “cool” (more like borderline narcissistic), he will always do his best to give you a good time and a good laugh.


Gary Baker
Business and Fundraising Manager
Events Coordinator

Born in the East Bay, Gary has lived all 48 years of his life in the Bay Area.  A baseball fan, softball player, music aficionado and pop culture junkie, Gary is also a former music marketing professional. Gary has returned to college to be an English teacher at the high school level. This is his third year as a part-time student at CCSF, and he will be transferring to SFSU in the fall.

Thank you for your submissions!

We here at Forum Magazine just wanted to thank everyone who submitted their work!  We received a great amount of submissions this semester from a lot of excellent talent, and we’re busy sorting through everything and making the extremely tough decision of what to include in this spring’s issue.

We couldn’t put this publication together without your wonderful contributions, and thanks to you we’re gearing up for a superb publication to release in May.  Best of luck to you all in the selection process, and once again grazie, xie xie, merci, spasibo, gracias, asante!  Forum exists thanks to you and our wonderful community!

12 Years a Slave – The Book

Oh, the Oscars!  The gowns, the beautiful celebrities, the quick-witted monologues by Ellen.  What’s not to love?

Spoiler: 12 Years a Slave is a big winner this year.  And now that you’ve seen this touching speech by the talented Lupita Nyong’o and have seen the film, why not read the book that inspired it all?  Because, as we all know, all the best films started as books.

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup offers a haunting, first-hand account of Northup’s experiences being kidnapped and sold into slavery and the brutal, unimaginable conditions slaves had to face in order to survive at the hands of the plantation owners.  Originally published in 1853, this book is a necessary reminder of the more sinister parts of America’s history.