Dickens Universe Scholarship Available

Who: City College English students

What: The scholarship covers registration for the event, a week’s room and board and a $200 stipend for the annual Dickens Universe gathering.  To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have been enrolled at a California community college in both the fall and spring semesters prior to the August conference (2013-14) for no fewer than twelve semester units total. Scholarship recipients must be at least 18 years old by July 31, 2014.  The scholarship recipient is also eligible to receive 5 UC quarter units of credit through UCSC Summer Session (upon completion of course assignments).

Where: UC Santa Cruz

When: Application deadline is May 15, 2014.  The Dickens Universe event takes place August 4 – 10.

Why: Sponsored by the Dickens Project, a multi-campus research unit of the University of California, the Universe brings together distinguished international scholars, graduate students from member institutions, community college and high school teachers, and members of the general public for a week of intensive study and cultural enrichment, centered each year around a single Dickens novel. 
The featured novel for this summer is Our Mutual Friend.

To apply: Application requirements are posted on the Dickens Project website: http://dickens.ucsc.edu/scholarships/cc-students.html

The most important part of the application process is the submission of a critical essay on a work or works of British literature dating from 1789 to 1914. Further details are available on the website.

The Dickens Universe is a unique event, combining aspects of a scholarly conference, a book club, a festival, and summer camp. It is also an excellent way for students interested in pursuing graduate study in literature to meet faculty and students from universities across the United States and to learn about the profession. It is also lots of fun.

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