Announcing an Open Call for Submissions for Ladybones Chapbook

Forum is thrilled to share this exciting opportunity to submit your work to the Ladybones Chapbook.  Please see below for all the info!

The Ladybones Print Collective is super stoked to announce its first annual chapbook contest.  The winning short work will be letterpress printed and handbound in an edition of 150 by members of the Ladybones Print Collective.  The design of the book will be informed by the content of the work.

Ladybook is put together by printers, artists, and writers who are really excited about making art happen, however they can.  Once the book is done, they’ll work hard with you to get it out into the hands of humans who want to read it.

Poetry, prose, and everything in between will be considered.  Please submit one cohesive work; if you are submitting a collection of poems or short pieces, they should form a whole.

DEADLINE: June 1, 2014

WHO CAN SUBMIT: Anybody local to the Bay Area

LENGTH:  No more than 10 pages, 8.5 x 11 (double spaced)

WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU WIN?: Published!  Also, you get 50 copies to sell or give away.  Ladybook will take the rest of the edition and submit copies to libraries, place them in bookstores, and distribute them at events, zine fests, and craft fairs.

SUBMISSION FEE: $5. The submission fee will go toward production costs.

HOW TO SUBMIT:  Ladybook would like blind submissions, so please make sure your name isn’t on the work itself.  Just put the title on the work so Ladybook can match it up to the cover letter when they’re done reading.

Please submit here.

Or you can send a printed copy and $5 to:

Ladybones Print Collective
Half-Chap Contest
1564 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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