Graffiti style painting

“my new friend”

“my new friend”

don’t follow me like that
with your sleazy saunter
and those toned (bone-d) twigs
wobbling wedges
dollbaby dress
hippie handbag
and impossibly long locks
the color of crows (screaming murder!)
the color of cats, those black island cats, following me all over
staring me down with eyes the color of citrine

don’t look at me like that
holding your ground as i back toward my car
posing against the cemeterial scene
thousands of stones
millions of bones
dressed in summer green with floral accents
languidly tossing, up and down, up and down, a white ball
daring me to hold my ground
staring me down through eyes the color of that ball
(eyes with no color at all)

don’t haunt me like that
the other patron in the red water bar
the passenger in the back seat of my car
the visitor at my bedroom door that’s ajar
silent, insistent
that we go back to play at the alae*

*alae – a cemetery outside hilo, a city on hawaii’s big island

“my new friend” by Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott is a poet, classical pianist, and opera coach, who in her spare time practices law in San Francisco.

Graffiti style painting
Chuldren Forever Dream by Victor Bhatti

Children Forever Dream by Victor Bhatti

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I started practicing graffiti art on paper, notebooks etc. around 1984 at the age of 8, after seeing the pieces on the walls around my neighborhood. Just the seriousness of the art attracts me. Being street art, it really means a lot to the community of other street artists. I started painting & drawing everyday in elementary school and haven’t stopped yet. I work in a number of mediums, including spray paint, airbrush, acrylics, oils, pastels, and color pencil. I paint many different subjects and try not to limit myself. Graffiti art, being one element of HIP-HOP culture, also influences my music and fashion in my life. Children Forever Dream is also an artist collective or group that I started to get artists from the community together and as the name says, to also influence the younger generation.

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