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Meet the Editors 2017 [Part Two]

Today we’re meeting the head genre editors!

These talented folx are in charge of maintaining the submission logs of their specialty, organizing the submissions, and leading reader discussions. They’re also responsible for editing, author revisions, proofreading, and work in conjunction with the Managing Editor to communicate with authors and artists.

Bryce Riegel is our Fiction Editor


Bryce presides over the brilliant fiction crowd.

Bryce Riegel moved to San Francisco 7 years ago for school (with a B.S. in biochemistry with a physics minor). He’s now a carpenter and spends most of his time remodeling houses and apartment buildings in the city. In his free time he’s either writing short stories or reading them.


Kriz Natalie Monrose is our Nonfiction Editor


Kriz Natalie, excited to get to work on the Non-Fiction pieces

Kriz Natalie Monrose is your Transgender gender fluid non-fiction editor! Thank you for reading this blog. She likes all animals, especially cats and snakes! She’s looking for a husband. To apply, email


Kevin Cosby is our Poetry Editor


Kevin Cosby lives and works in San Francisco. He recently #####%%&&


Meredith Brown and Lulu Samuel are our joint Visual Arts Editors


Lulu (front) and Meredith (back)

Lucretia Rhys Samuel is a Visual Arts Editor on this edition of Forum. She is a poetry-writer and a zine-maker residing in the Richmond District of San Francisco. She is currently studying Creative Writing and Visual Media Design at CCSF, working at the San Francisco SPCA, and spending too many hours hogging the xerox machine at the public library publishing her own zines.

Meredith Brown

Meredith gave me an actual picture!

Meredith Brown is a lifelong learner from Tracy, CA. She believes in empathy, art and science.

Meet The Editors 2017 [Part One]

Our first round of introductions covers the three editors whose purview is multi-genre!

Oyunbileg (Obo) Shirendev is our Managing Editor
The Managing Editor builds and maintains a log of all work received, directs all submissions to make sure they are received by the appropriate editors, and proofs work for accuracy. She also oversees communication with authors and artists.


Originally from UB, Mongolia– the land of the blue sky and endless steppe– Obo has made San Francisco her second home. She is majoring in Child Development and Creative Writing at CCSF. She loves reading, films, fashion, traveling and art. People like Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama,  Malala Yousafzai, Jhumpa Lahiri, Salvadori Dali, and Frida Kahlo inspire her. She also believes in the power of helping others and supporting one another through unconditional kindness.

Whenever she has free time besides school and work, she travels and think that experience is something that makes her grow as a person. Not only does she enjoy traveling but also learning about different cultures, the way of life and meeting new people. She works as a part time Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist with children who are autistic. She wants to be a good therapist, counselor, teacher and educator in the near future.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” 


Carolina Pistone is our General Editor
The General Editor directs the project, serving as overseer of the magazine as a whole. She  works with layout editors and attends meetings with the Graphics Department. In coordination with Faculty Advisors and the other editors, she develops the policies to establish and support the quality and vision of Forum Magazine.


Carolina Pistone was born in Argentina, raised on the East Coast of the United States (north and south), and is currently life-ing in San Francisco. She loves croissants, probably too much for the well-being of any one individual and doesn’t like the smell of bananas. She likes people, animals (she has three cats), books, art, design, movies (The Land Before Time gets her every time!), authentic conversations, and did we mention croissants? She also likes to write sometimes. She plans to one day die of croissant overload.


Zach Hauptman is our Social Media/Web Editor
The Web Editor is in charge of keeping our social media and blog alive and growing. In conjunction with the Managing, General and Genre-specific Editors, they organize and plan social media postings, including photos, literary selections and calendars of events. Also, they’re very cute.


Zach Hauptman is an Electronic Resources Librarian at Touro University by day, a CCSF student at night, and a gigantic genderqueer nerd at all times (they/them pronouns, pls!). With their group, Truth Sans Justice, they run panels on popular culture, misogyny and the queer community, and write LARPs that run in and around the SF Bay Area. In their copious free time, they write poetry, short fiction and snarky blogs about social issues.

Day After The Deadline: Your editors and readers hard at work!

We got such an overwhelming response to our call for submissions!

Here’s a quick glimpse into Forum Magazine lab night– we’re all really excited to share some amazing pieces with you, here and in the published magazine.

Weekly Feature Editor #2: James (Jesse) Crawford

By James Crawford
I can’t speak for the mirror, standing
outside, I am inside & different, and
why question anything anyways if it’s
the room that thinks we live our lives
a tiny apartment, a kitchen, & a closet
is emptied of items that might suggest
— a couple is living, taking up
space (what else) standing several
feet apart they stare into a mirror.
The space between us
is the void. a carpet.
the absence of a rug.
the thought of your dog
shedding in June the winter
we thought we’d lost him.
(it must be strange. alone.
in that big house)
I am behind you(hello)
I am living. more as couch
than person. you are window
(&I mess up. I call you television)
we change names the same way.
an old man complains. the summer
is hot. winter is not cold enough.
we change names hoping
are seasonal things. will stick
around with the earth.
(men are not built in motion.
But in still hammocks of their own
dripping wet. you come out of the
shower. the diffused
light. like a quick violence
in July. is frightening the blackbirds filling the
frame. obscuring you. (as an idea)
your form: a black cloud. your
nakedness: another kind of death. with
a towel crown. the fog dissipates. &it
appears that I am sleeping. Dreaming you
as television.
As couch. A few years from now.
I sit &expect you among others.
today is your birthday. happy
birthday. I wonder if you will
leave your house. At the party,
people dance to wild music (Can
you recall the viola player’s face?
The dutiful shadow. Who stayed
Silent till morning. Needing only
the fare
to get wherever
he was going next.)
You arrive late under a large, Russian satellite.
Refusing Heaven. Like a crucifix.
You take the seat across from me.
Adjust your awkward antennae. Channel your suffering.
(with an umbrella, he shields you from the sun&
with his free hand points west, assuring you, “Arizona
didn’t kill your mother”
Your mother killed your mother in the second person,
&then poured herself a drink. I read it in a poem. It
was taped to a pipe under our sink.)
Through the open window
church bells come in& touch everything:
Your body’s black script
My own pale index of symbols. Naked by the
bookshelf where poems go missing (which poem.
this poem? I can no longer be certain) they knock
at my chest and wait for the heart to answer.
I hung the mirror to the ceiling. Underneath,
our bodies took shape in a painting I’d make.
One winter alone.
Near the place where men kill chickens.
Believe the magician.
Two things can happen at once, but always
with the possibility
one or the other is forgotten.

Weekly Feature Editor #1 Olivia Maaghul

He stood –

hunched over himself,

at the corner,


on two streets.

like a streetlight-


Mingling with no one,


for his cigarette.


One might have said

that that four-inch-roll

of sweet tobacco

knew him better

than anyone in the world.

And when he held it,


grew jealous,


for just a moment

between his fingers,


than anyone had ever been-


their agreement: coherent.

as the cigarette



the man

puffs away

his secrets,

guiltless indulgence,


and without a second thought-




Thank You and Pictures

Thank you so much to everyone who made our Forum Spring 2014 issue launch party such a success!  Big thanks especially to: Bird & Beckett Books for so graciously hosting the event in their fabulous bookstore (seriously check it out, it’s amazing!), our contributors for producing all the immensely beautiful content in this issue, to our advisors and staff for putting in the long hours needed to get the work in print, CCSF’s graphics department for dedicating their talents to the layout, and to everyone who came to the launch party to show their support.

A special thank you to Bill McGuire, whose tireless efforts to raise money for the English Department social fund added up to a very generous donation to support our production costs. We still get all teary just thinking about it.

If you’d like to buy an issue of Forum’s Spring 2014 issue, please stop by  Bird & Beckett or the CCSF Ocean Campus Bookstore.  Each copy is $10, and all profits go toward funding future issues of the magazine.

If you’d like to work for Forum next semester, we’d love to have you!  Just apply through CCSF (applications are open to everyone) and register for English 35L.  Or, if you’d like to submit your work to be published, please visit our submissions page for more guidelines.  The Fall 2014 submissions deadline will be in September.

Have a great summer, everyone!  Before you take off to enjoy backyard BBQs and camping trips by the lake, please take a minute check out photos of our launch party over on our Facebook page.  Just click the pic below:


Editors Write: Craving III

Forum Magazine is proud to present to you our third installment of “Editors Write,” this time from our very own Gary Baker, who wears a lot of hats at our publication; he’s currently Forum’s Business and Fundraising Manager, Events Coordinator, Visual Arts Reader and Forum Literary Club President.

This piece was inspired by the prompt “craving.”  Please take a look, and always feel free to post your own work in the comments section below, or send it to, subject heading “Writing Prompt Wednesday.”  Thanks, and enjoy!

Strong Black Coffee

There are very few mornings when my parents didn’t have coffee. My mother would sip her’s while she made breakfast. My dad would generally take his in a thermos to go. I was always mesmerized by coffee. This dark brown liquid that started every day.  It wasn’t as dangerous or as adult as alcohol, but it had its own mysterious allure.

I was drawn to it from a very young and it started to replace my hot chocolate around the age of eight or nine.  For me it was love at first sip.  I did not need excessive amounts of cream and sugar.  Black was fine and I wasn’t put off by its bitterness.  To me it was pure bliss.

Coffee is not food and Coffee is not something you drink when you’re thirsty. Coffee is not made, coffee is brewed. Coffee is an aroma, it’s the buzz, it’s the experience.

Coffee is a first date. Coffee is a study partner.  Coffee is a business meeting.

Now it’s really become a physical addiction, if for some reason I don’t have coffee in the morning, I go through mild caffeine withdrawals and headaches ensue.  But Coffee is all around me.  So prevalent and pervasive that I very rarely find myself desperate for a cup.

However on mornings where I’ve had the foresight the night before to set my coffee machine on automatic brew,  as the smell waifs through my apartment and into my bedroom. It’s on those mornings,  just as I begin to wake up, that aroma reminds me, even if just for those few brief moments before my first cup, there is nothing for which I have a more passionate or intense craving.


Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People

It’s not easy receiving that cursed rejection letter in the mail, and often times it’s no easier for a publication to decide not to publish your piece.  No matter if you ever receive a rejection letter from us or any other publication.  It certainly doesn’t mean you lack talent, drive or a great career in the arts.  Don’t believe me?  The take a look at this great Mental Floss piece highlighting 10 rejection letters sent to 10 of our most beloved authors, musicians and artists.  Click the image for the full article.  Good luck to all of you in your bright, creative endeavors!


Introducing the Editors for Spring 2014

Introducing our team of editors for the Spring 2014 issue of Forum Magazine!  These are the people who, thanks to your contributions and the help of the graphics department on campus, are able to put together this fantastic magazine every semester.

Katerina Argyres
General Editor

Katerina Argyres is currently enrolled in CCSF and SF State. When she’s not studying, working, or entertaining her dog she likes to watch old movies set in San Francisco and cook. She is currently on a detective novel spree. It is inspiring her to write short mysteries and narrate her daily activities like she is in a noir film.

Kristine Nodalo
Managing Editor
Drama and Visual Arts Reader

Kristine Nodalo has been living in San Francisco for ten years, but has continually failed to find the cool places where the cool kids hang out. In her spare time, she likes to hole up in her room with a pizza all to herself while watching Downton Abbey. You’ll usually find her hungry and searching for more food, or with her nose in a book.

Virginia Carrillo
Assistant Managing Editor
Poetry Reader

Virginia Carrillo currently works at a public library. She is a student at City College of San Francisco and wishes to obtain a bachelor’s in English literature.  Her house is currently infested with literature books and cats, all around!



Leith Mahoney-Maver
Social Media Editor
Assistant Non-Fiction Editor

The daughter of two hippies from the Santa Cruz Mountains, the third of four children, left-handed, and she once met David Sedaris while living in Paris, which has been a life highlight.  She writes about all of it in a blog called The San Franciscan.
Osiris Walls
Fiction Editor
Assistant Drama Editor
Poetry Reader

not unlike the moon
dark, pulsing clouds will reveal
My Incandescence

Brian Fidler
Drama Editor
Assistant Fiction Editor

Brian currently studies English at CCSF and lives in Oakland.
Sara McKinney
Poetry Editor

 Writes, paints, and sings in San Francisco. A South Carolina native, she loves life in the city, but will never forget home. Her favorite color is all of them, and 2014 is going to be her year.



Elise Stewart
Non-Fiction Editor
Visual Arts Co-Editor

 Since graduating from San Francisco State with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 2012, Elise has endeavored to find employment that, in some way or another, would help to facilitate her unwavering wanderlust. After a number of ill-fits–including a short, yet soul-crushing stint as a slampiece in the tech world; a demeaning personal assistantship for a racist psychiatrist; and a dismal temp job at a bridesmaid-dress startup–she has cycled back to the academic bubble. Eager to reassume a place among those with full heads and empty stomachs, Elise has ungrudgingly shelved her travel plans to reenter the figurative space she feels most at home in: that of visual arts and literature.

Bryan Makishi
Assistant Non-Fiction Editor
Assistant Fiction Editor

 Bryan likes to find good books at garage sales and at his coin laundromat’s “Take a book Leave a book” table.
David Chang
Visual Arts Co-Editor

A facetious person.  Self-proclaimed “cool” (more like borderline narcissistic), he will always do his best to give you a good time and a good laugh.


Gary Baker
Business and Fundraising Manager
Events Coordinator

Born in the East Bay, Gary has lived all 48 years of his life in the Bay Area.  A baseball fan, softball player, music aficionado and pop culture junkie, Gary is also a former music marketing professional. Gary has returned to college to be an English teacher at the high school level. This is his third year as a part-time student at CCSF, and he will be transferring to SFSU in the fall.

Fall Staff Bios are up!

Over the past few months, we have received messages from concerned readers letting us know that the staff bios were difficult to find, or that the links to them were broken, leading to pages or posts that no longer exist. So in the interest of making things easier on everyone, a link to the staff bios has been placed in the main menu for your convenience.

Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the Fall 2013 Forum Literary Magazine staff!

Katerina Argyres
General Editor

Katerina Argyres is currently enrolled in CCSF and SF State. When she’s not studying, working, or entertaining her dog she likes to watch old movies set in San Francisco and cook. She is currently on a detective novel spree. It is inspiring her to write short mysteries and narrate her daily activities like she is in a noir film.

Kristine Nodalo
Managing Editor
Visual Arts Editor

Kristine Nodalo has been living in San Francisco for ten years, but has continually failed to find the cool places where the cool kids hang out. In her spare time, she likes to hole up in her room with a pizza all to herself while watching Downton Abbey. You’ll usually find her hungry and searching for more food, or with her nose in a book.

Tanya Prue
Drama Editor
Social Media Editor

Tanya Prue is an actor/writer from New Mexico with questionable sanity.  After taking several years off of school to get to know the real world and subsequently discovering it is hopelessly dull, she has returned to pursue majors in both Creative Writing and Theatre Arts.  She plans to use these degrees to finally wrangle all of the characters wandering around in her head.

Casey Baker
Fiction Editor

Casey Baker was born on a volcanic island among the sheltering branches of koa and constant threat of wild javelinas. Just as he began to form words for the tropical land around him, he was whisked into the sky in a flying metal tube and placed squarely in the center of manifest destiny and the broken dreams of aspiring starlets. He has spent much of his life trying to find volcanoes again, and through his writing he has discovered that the most magnificent ones come from within.

Amara Kellogg
Assistant Fiction Editor

Amara Kellogg is a CCSF student born and raised in SF, and an aficionado of all stories. She splits her time between finding stories she loves, writing her own, and volunteering at organizations that help struggling families.

Geordie Stock
Assistant Fiction Editor

Geordie is a part-time CCSF student that is working with Forum for the first time. He has previously attended UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis, taking coursework in film studies and music performance. He currently lives in the Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco with his three wives, Brooklyn, Anastasia, and Dakota.

Just kidding, he’s not married.

Darla Nagle
Non-Fiction Editor
Assistant Poetry Editor

Darla Nagle was born and raised in San Rafael, CA and has always had a passion for creative writing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University and is hoping to get into a master’s program in English or Creative Writing at a University in Northern California. Her ultimate goal is to teach Academic or creative writing in a community college. As well as taking classes at CCSF, Darla is currently working as a Composition Tutor in the Ocean Campus Writing Lab.

Tyler Anderson
Poetry Editor

Tyler Livingston Anderson is a Colorado born mountain boy/man  who currently lives in a box within the confines of downtown San Francisco. His anonymity rating amongst the rest of the world’s population is quite high. He still believes in supporting the United States Post Office by buying stamps and sending mix-tapes to his friends cross-country. On days when he is not cutting up dead animals for a living, he can be found crewing for sailboats or shredding guitar like a pair of lace panties on a wedding night. Tyler is extremely good at riding his bicycle and eating profuse amounts of cheeseburgers-and wishing, mostly, he could perform both of these charitable skills in a simultaneous manner.

James Daniel
Assistant Poetry Editor

Originally from New Jersey, James Daniel has been living in San Francisco for the past ten years.  James worked on the City College of San Francisco in 2010 and 2011 as a music tutor.  He has just completed writing his first novel, Holy Roller Disco, a coming-of-age story set in the decade of the Seventies.  

Osiris Walls
Assistant Poetry Editor

You’re a student by trade, but a gamer by nature. Amateur writer by day, anime lover by night. Often caught in thought at the most awful of times – You are the God of Death, you are Osiris Walls.

Christianne Kotoff
Assistant Visual Arts Editor

I’ve been a student at CCSF for a couple years now, I’ve studied mainly with in the performing arts. Since I was really young I have found ways to express myself through the creativity I have always known.  I write everyday, and those thoughts turn into poems, and a lot of the times songs. I really live everyday not just to live but to thread that day into the path of my ultimate creative expression;  if that be through song, a performance on stage or in front of the camera.  I don’t know the way exactly I just know that I will get there.

Pam Williams
Assistant Visual Arts Editor

Hi, I’m Pam and I’m an native San Franciscan. I like to knit, cook, restaurant hop, listen to Classic music and talk politics.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.