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“But that’s a drag–my life.” (Norman Davies)

1967 short 1
The story as it originally appeared in Forum (1967)

People Not Located

by Norman Davies

At thirty, I don’t wait for ideas, I chase them. They glimmer, and dart–I wish I could use my bare hands on them.

Ideas aren’t trapped in books, either. I open the cover, and get all tangled up. The ideas, greased in language, slip away, scatter. Or else (worse) just stare back at me in a line of print, not really telling me anything. Quiet. I hate that quiet.

Other people haven’t helped me much. They’re doing their own looking around. They don’t know anything yet.

So, what do I do? I sit, and I go after ideas. I go to work right inside–which is really outside.

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“I need all those hungry friends. / I wanna get warm, / available.” (Ann Nelson Gleeson)

Forum 70s cover and content
Past issues of Forum. Clockwise from top left: & other lovely insects (1976), (no title, 1972), Reality Trip (1973), Double Mirage (1975).

The English Department at City College of San Francisco holds 35 past issues of Forum, the earliest issue dated 1948. Upon request, these issues are available but cannot leave the office.

During the 1970s, Forum was renamed with individualized titles: Reality Trip (1973), Double Mirage (1975), & other lovely insects (1976), and Undertow (1977, 1978). In Double Mirage (1975) visual art was creatively incorporated with decoratively drawn frames, hand-drawn typeface, and full-page sketches accompanying text. Student editors have fiddled with Forum‘s style for decades, building a legacy of unique perspectives.

Forum can better preserve past issues with digital archiving. Traditional archives localize physical content, whereas digital archives have no bounds. Ensuring that voices of past authors are heard would continue Forum‘s mission to give voice to the talented authors, poets and visual artists in our community.


by Ann Nelson Gleeson

I need a black leather jacket.
I wanna look cheap,
I need the Ozone Hotel.
I wanna act,
I need the Rolling Stones and drugs.
I wanna get lost
and available.
I need all those hungry friends.
I wanna get warm,
I wanna be there when
the rain turns to gold,
I wanna be under the
shower of good tears,
I wanna be available cheap.

Available for the storm,
riding the highest crest of the sea.
Available to rub my hair
across Neptune’s belly and ride the dolphin
to the rocks.

I wanna be available cheap
filament sizzles, bulb bursts
and glass shatters leaving splinters
in a thousand faces.

I want all that.

“Greedy,” by Ann Nelson Gleeson originally published in Double Mirage (1975, City College of San Francisco).

Two new late-start classes!

Due to popular demand, two new Creative Writing classes have just been opened and will begin on 9/5. These go towards the Creative Writing Certificate and transfer to universities including CSU and UC. Please spread the word!

English 35 A/B – Fiction
· MW (Section 003) 3:10-4:35, ART 307 – J. Young 9/5-12/22
English 35 C/D – Poetry
· T (Section 552) 6:10-9:20, ART 307 – C. Bailey Burns 9/5-12/22

Register here!


We’re Back! And a Call for Submissions!

Goooooood evening, everyone! It’s your former blog editor, Zach, back at it again~

This blog went dark for a few months over the summer semester between Forum classes. I hope you all had a good June and July with at least a decent amount of relaxation.

CCSF classes started on Monday, so this marks our first ENG 35L/M class of the new semester. We have new staff advisors, new students, and we’re looking forward to getting a whole host of new submissions, from you, for you!

Please welcome Steven Mayers, a veteran Forum advisor, and Chante McCormick, our new advisor for this semester.  They and we would like to invite you to SUBMIT TO FORUM MAGAZINE!

Forum, the literary magazine of City College of San Francisco, gives voice to the talented authors, poets and visual artists in our community.

  • Photography
  • Screenplays
  • Short Stories
  • Creative Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Comics

All submissions due by Friday, September 29 2017

Launch Party at Adobe Books

SO I know I said that I’d have this post up “soon”. A week is “soon”, right?

Anyway. We had some really great moments at the Launch Party. Many many many thanks to Adobe Books for being fabulous hosts. Thanks to the Forum Staff who came early to set up (and to Jeremy Williams, who organized the whole thing). Thanks to Jackie Davis-Martin and Saramanda Swigart for beautiful featured readings. And gigantic thanks to everyone who read, and everyone who came!

Look at all these beautiful, amazing human beings! I hope everyone who came left satisfied, and everyone who didn’t have a chance to come can come see us at the next event~!

Poetry: Like a Laser by Kerry Luna

Like a Laser

by Kerry Luna

I limp my way from a
Gimped-up Beat Bar
And find enough time
To spit on a Barbary Coast Plaque

“Like bronze cow-pies,” I blurt in
BOOZY defeat.
“Enlarged and flattened for la
touriste’s sake! Der BLECH!”

All ready, the aching
On my frontal lobes

Like a broomstick neighbor
Hammering his hermit’s discontent
On the ceiling of his zoo cage
No escape but baying for peace

The sound of howling magical dragon heads
Still twirled in my psyche
Like the typical traveller’s trips and stumbles

Those noises I wished to drown
Like worms in the black hexagonal
Mausoleum of lawyer’s storms
Never wishing for repeals

My feet stumbled away from that
Dim little place of antlers and neon
My stomach ached like an old ship
Creaking and groaning at every strain

The hollering of other drunks
Eilled me to Posturpedic Tarmac
Car horns endlessly honking
For me to bury myself

Then, again, the pounding
Within my head returned

Within a few steps I
Was blasted with ultrashort
Pulses of light against
My hallowed, echoing chest

The little dull white
Rays of the welcomed attack
Eased my feet.
Her neighborly warmth arrested
My defeatist ills.
“You look like you need a cup of coffee.”

Kerry Luna is a graduate of English with a focus on Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2014 and is slowly set on getting published.

Forum Magazine Spring 2017 Launch Party!


Forum Spring 2017 Launch Party

Adobe Books
3130 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110
May 24, 2017 from 6 PM – 8 PM
Free and open to the public!

The CCSF Forum Magazine invites you to the Spring 2017 launch party. The night will have readings by contributors, local poets, and an open mic. Copies of our new spring issue will be available for purchase!

Forum Magazine is a student-produced publication of the City College of San Francisco which publishes quality non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and visual arts from across the Bay Area and beyond.

ANNOUNCING! Art and Fiction Contest, Forum 2017


Forum, City College of San Francisco’s literary magazine, is holding two contests!

We’re looking for Visual Art and Fiction submissions– the winning submission will be published and the two winners will receive $50 each! All submissions will be considered for publication.

Submissions are due by Tuesday, February 21st 2017

Submission Guidelines can be found here

We are also looking for creative non-fiction, screenplays, interviews, poetry, and other literary work, so please feel free to submit your work!