Stephanie Johnson
Managing Co-Editor

Stephanie Johnson’s poetry has appeared in numerous publications including Witty Partition, Sink Hollow, Forum Literary Magazine, and others. She has spent most of her adult life overseas teaching English literature, ESL and Spanish. Her writing usually focuses on the slightly uncomfortable space of the expatriation/ repatriation experience. She is currently based in San Francisco. Find her on Instagram at @stephaniejohnsonpoetry and Twitter at @stephan64833622

Madi Giovina
Web Development Team & Visual Art Reader

Madi Giovina writes poems and stories. She is the founder of Perennial Press and a co-editor of Backslash Lit. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Feels Zine, Capsule Stories,, and elsewhere.

Social Media Team & Poetry Editor

Kristie is a third-year CCSF student fulfilling her creative writing certificate and preparing for graduate school to study clinical psychology. She is a certified yoga instructor and is currently training as a counselor with SF Suicide Prevention. Her dog’s name is Nutmeg.

Lateisha Howe
Blog Team Lead & Fiction Reader

Lateisha Howe is a Broadcast Media student at CCSF, a teaching artist, and the owner of the blog: . She loves writing, cycling through various countries, and using blogs as a creative art form. She can usually be found in a bookstore somewhere on Earth.

Kari Rudd
Event Coordinator & Poetry Reader

Kari started taking creative writing classes at City College during a short break from her job as a legal aid lawyer in San Francisco. Now she helps her clients fight back against predatory financial institutions by day, and reads poetry at night! (Among other pursuits that exercise a different part of the brain than writing legal briefs).

Social Media Team & Fiction Editor

I am a California native, a San Francisco resident for the past ten years, and a sophomore English major at CCSF. I am an avid writer of fiction and a dabbler in creative nonfiction. Previously I have been published in Forum magazine. This is my first semester on the Forum staff.

Trix Welch
Blog Team & Fiction Reader

Trix Welch is a History major at CCSF, who will be attending CSU East Bay in Fall 2021. They have an interest in using storytelling and technology to create immersive learning experiences in the social sciences. On their weekends, you will likely find them buried in a book or crocheting. They’re on twitter at @TrixWelch.

Laura Green
Visual Art Editor

Hi, my name is Laura Green and I have lived in San Francisco my whole life. Making me one of the rare remaining bay area natives here in the city. I come from a strong creative background, I started at City College taking all art classes and then expanded that into exploring the Creative Writing program to see where this journey will take me. Some of my interests and hobbies include but are not limited to – watching anime, all horror related things, tattoos, animals, music/concerts and all forms of art.

Fiction Reader

In love with the idea of writing and reading rather than the act. Spends more time tinkering around than typing on keyboards. Likes to talk about things he doesn’t understand.

Ghazi Jones
Visual Art Reader

“Rapper. Scholar. Writer.”

Non-Fiction Reader

Laura is an avid fan of the natural world, of travel, of eating well and drinking wine and of all forms of creative writing. From poetry to personal essays, she finds it her most treasured form of self-expression. A former student of English, she now works as a professional cook and hopes to one day explore a path in food journalism.

Connie W. Chen
Visual Art Reader

Connie is pursuing her Creative Writing certificate at CCSF. She writes short stories and shoots film photography. On weekends she enjoys thrifting for brown clothing. Find her on Instagram at @conniewchn.

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