Every year, Forum staff looks forward to receiving the printed issue. Despite the potentially wider reach of online publication, the printed edition translates the individual visions of the contributors, literary and visual art staff, and the visual media team into a collective work of art.

As City College remains limited to remote instruction, we do not currently have access to the printing facilities we need, and as soon as we have more information to share, we will post it here. We will also notify contributors directly when the Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 print editions are available.

To request your contributor copy for Spring 2020 and/or Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 or to preorder additional copies, please fill out this form:

Forum  2020-2021 Orders

Please specify the issue you are requesting.

You may also use this form if you are seeking back issues of Forum though we may not be able to fulfill your request until we have access to CCSF facilities.