you’ve already seen the stars in the southern sky
and still you burn
with the intensity of an ancient inferno
from the land of first life.
I want to fear lions, stalking through the darkness
at the edge of the firelight,
to sit with you, watching
the flames melt the moon,
under your stars
which sparkle with a luster
by any diamond ever mined.

by Cara Baker

(Untitled) by Brendan Winnans

by Brendan Winnans

I have inexhaustible cravings
For adventure for wanton vices that I have canoodled with in the dark.
And sometimes I find myself alone and bored
I wonder if I should open a fortune cookie, base my whole life around it,
and if it will then excite me, forcing me to destiny.
And I sometimes
wonder if ripened plums wonder why they share such alikeness
To sunsets.
And I wonder if the juices of the self same plums can make up for nights
of gambling given up, fag ends gone unsmoked,
Because alongside the plums I too have wondered.
And I have wondered,
Because after longnights counting strokes with vices
Like unbridled lovers I have woken to morning
And in the morning
I have seen burning parrots
And I have seen where burning parrots go to lay their eggs.
I have climbed the branches of sleepy trees.
And sometimes I wonder where the wild birds go to fix their broken wings,
And whether birds in plum sauce taste different when they had no place to go.
I have had my tarot read and come up with
I have sold a bit of cocaine or rather split the bag.
I have dug into the mud expecting to get dirt under my fingernails,
And I bite them sometimes just to taste.
I listen to the radio when I am sad and walk around the changing world I keep in my head,
I wonder if I can be happy without a queen, without foghorns and fog.
I wonder if in a year I will reach across a table for some ketchup and put it on
Some chitinous bugs or some strange new concoction of taste I have never dared to yet try.
And I dare to ponder on this thing called hope, call myself a man
And let it grow.

(Untitled) by Karim Quesada

by Karim Quesada

Yucatan, obscured by clouds,
Depicts a people’s roam.
Temples to the sky erupt,
Then jungle swallows stone.

Kings and priests of jaguar skin
Crave monumental grounds
Built by backs of glistening bones
While quetzal birdsong sounds

But all the strength and all the jade
Won’t save them from the cold
Of unseen foes, which white sails bade
That thirsts for host, not gold.

Empires crushed by fever while
Survivors left to roam;
Temples static, grand no longer:
Strangers swallow stone.

Fundraiser at Hotel Utah

Hello everyone. Forum is having a fundraiser at the Hotel Utah Saloon on October 11th. The show starts at eight and there will be a reading from the award winning poet Rusty Morrison, followed by live music from Francessa Lee, and an open mic. The cover is seven dollars and the proceeds will go toward Forum. Hotel Utah is located at 500 4th st, and the corner of 4th and Bryant. For more information and directions head to
I hope to see everyone there.

Spring (2009)

  • Title page
  • Introduction by editor-in-chief Alex Mullaney
  • Staff, contents, additional contents, copyright


  • Kingdom of Jade – Karim Quesada-Khoury
  • Up Home – Lucinda E. Snyder
  • Remnant – Glenda Green
  • This Open Door That I Am Walking Through – Dennis Conkin
  • i hadn’t seen the moon – Beth Loster
  • Middle – Anonymous
  • Postcard from San Francisco – Dennis Conkin
  • Let’s Trade Eyes – Graham Best
  • O’Farrell & Franklin 2/11/09 – Christina Oi Ying Nip
  • Men – Tyler Gonlag
  • War – Brendan Winans
  • Older Bodies – Sara Marshall
  • Non-Required – Sara Marshall


  • Church – Mazel Looney
  • In Conversation With Shawna Yang Ryan – Melissa Serpa


  • Acquaintance – Christina Oi Ying Nip
  • Floating Children – Graham Best
  • Walking Home from Home – Norm Honbo
  • Wax Castles – Melissa Serpa
  • Cut – Kaman Liang
  • Naked Lady Pictures – Steven Fidel Herraiz


  • Anonymity – Chiah Connolly-Ingram
  • Dressing Up – Susan Jackson
  • Ties That Bind – Chris Danti


  • Frog – Sibylle Manss
  • 50’s Girl – Glenda Green
  • Roses Black and White – Chiah Connolly Ingram, Allan Dorr
  • Marie Antoinette from Delicate Adventures – Peter Gustav Glanting
  • Muddy Girl at Beach – Heather Perry
  • Angel – Victoria Baird
  • Modern Cinderella – Chiah Connolly-Ingram, Allan Dorr
  • Raintree – Glenda Green
  • Moon Full in Tree Frame – Paul Scofield
  • Snail – Judit Jezsoviczki
  • Girl With Cat – Sibylle Manss
  • Faceless Man and Deer – Mark DiRuzza
  • Eyes – Victoria Baird
  • Broken Glass – Chiah Connolly-Ingram, Allan Dorr
  • Man with Cigarette – Paul Scofield
  • Woman No. 19Forum Group Project
  • 2In1 – April Joseph
  • Here – Sibylle Manss
  • Shawna Yang Ryan – Andrea Young
  • You Call That A Knife? – Baron Pete Glanting


  • Front- Glenda Green
  • Back – Victoria Baird

Fall (2008)

  • Title page
  • Introduction by editor-in-chief Alex Mullaney
  • Credits, contents, additional contents, copyright


  • Today – Christina Oi Ying Nip
  • Tires Don’t Melt In the Heat – Katie Grenell
  • Musician – DG Sebastian
  • February on a Plane – Sara Marshall
  • a collection of “ifs” disguised as cartographers’ graves: medicine county, ca – Tyler Gonlag
  • The Dream of the Poem – Marc Dulman
  • Roadkill – Tony Primo
  • Criminals Are Sons, Too – Mario Alejandro Cobar
  • Missing – Brendan Winans
  • Duende – Michael Calvello
  • counting on things – Mel Sahagun
  • Excaliber – John Gramlich
  • Flight to New Orleans – Lucinda E. Snyder
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  • April – Paul Scofield
  • Trinity – Josh Herron
  • mass extermination – Bland W. Cannon III


  • Pura Vida – Kelly Campbell
  • No Small Sacrifice – Mica Lee Williams
  • Living with You – Stevanie Wazna-Blank


  • Golden Shadows – Brenda Molina
  • Transplantation – Christina Oi Ying Nip
  • Rags and Roaches – Mario Alejandro Cobar
  • In Your Shoes – Mica Lee Williams
  • The Imitation of Experience – Michael Hsu
  • The World Heavyweight Champion of the World – Kevin LaRose


  • Blessing Her Heart – Susan Jackson
  • excerpted from Purgatory – Lucinda E. Snyder
  • excerpt from Borderland – Mario Alejandro Cobar


  • White Dog – Lucinda E. Snyder
  • Philly Slide – Joshua Bohar
  • Midnight Ride – Joshua Bohar
  • Iconic – Les Dranic
  • Reflections – Les Dranic
  • Escalator – Les Dranic


  • Trees – Nathan Berlinguette


  • Reclining Nude – Kerstin Svendsen
  • El Cantante – Mario Alejandro Cobar


  • It’s Play Time! – Bjorn Nadonza
  • Earth Egg – Florenda Chambers
  • Libertad – Mario Alejandro Cobar
  • B1 – Kerstin Svendsen
  • B2 – Kerstin Svendsen
  • B3 – Kerstin Svendsen
  • Ahclrlu – Bjorn Nadonza
  • Girl – Kerstin Svendsen
  • Loose Nude – Kerstin Svendsen
  • Dunes – Nathan Berlinguette
  • Cheney as The Penguin – Mica Lee Williams
  • Poetic Justice – Charles O’Leary


  • Bells Peppers and Friends – Gabriela E. Rosas

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