Established in 1937, Forum Magazine is a student-run literary and visual arts magazine that serves the City College of San Francisco community, greater Bay Area, and beyond. Dedicated to providing a platform for the contemporary, urban voices of our institution, Forum collects, edits and publishes quality works of literature and the visual arts as produced by the CCSF family. Publication is open to any who have ever been involved with the school, whether as student, educator, or employee.  Forum is published twice each year, once in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Forum Magazine is a student-produced publication of the City College of San Francisco and the stories, artwork and views expressed within its pages are not necessarily those of, or shared by, the college as a whole or its administration.

In less sheltered times, you can find the most recent issue for purchase at the Ocean Campus bookstore, at the English department on the 5th floor of Batmale Hall or the English Lab, 2nd floor of Rosenberg Library, and Alley Cat Books. 

We regret that our Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 print issues are still on hold. We have not been able to access the printing services due to COVID and do not yet have a date as to when we might. 

To order the Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 issue or request a back issue, please visit our Order  Forum page. 

Learn more about City College’s Creative Writing Program and the Creative Writing Certificate 

Share your writing at Lit Night

Contact Forum Faculty Advisors:

Julie Young

John Isles

Steven Mayers

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