Meet the Crew for Forum Spring 2017:

General Editor: Carolina Pistone
Managing Editor: Oyunbileg (Obo) Shirendev

Fiction Editor: Bryce Riegel
Assistant Fiction Editors: Jeremy Williams, Christian Bogado

Nonfiction Editor: Kriz Natalie Monrose

Poetry Editor: Kevin Cosby
Assistant Poetry Editor: Vincent Finkowski

Visual Arts Editors: Meredith Brown, Lulu Samuel

Social Media/Web Editor: Zach Hauptman
Assistant Web Editor: Alex Saba

Business/Fundraising Managers: Meredith Brown, Jeremy Williams

Design Coordinators: Meredith Brown, Carolina Pistone

Event Coordinator: Alex Saba
Assistant Event Coordinator: Jeremy Williams

Staff Advisors: Julie Young, Jennifer Sullivan Brych


And thanks again to the great staff who put together the Fall, 2016 Issue!

Christian Bogata (Fiction Editor)
Jennifer Blackman (Fiction and Poetry Editor)
Evelyn Engel (Visual Arts Editor)
Vincent Finkowski (Poetry Editor)
Kendra Lindemann (Fiction and Managing Editor)







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