General/Managing Editors

Mattia Edwards

Mattia Photo




Mattia is a writer and poet working on a Creative Writing certificate and Associates degree in English at City College of San Francisco. Outside of pursuing higher education, Mattia works in finance and loves traveling and art.

Wess Phillipson 

With a wanderlust fueled by a deep curiosity for life experience and self-education, Wess Phillipson started as a veteran of the military, then spent decades in the blue-collar skilled trade industry, all while continuing to study the written word. Now he is an English Major at CCSF who is on an accelerated course to complete his education at SFSU with the intentions of becoming a journalist, satirical humorist, and author of surreal fiction.


Ramona Kavianian


Writing remains an authentic and liberating portal of self-expression for Ramona. It has been a profound outlet and healing mechanism through experiences of revolution, war, immigration and all of life’s growing pains and pleasures. . She foresees writing as a true path of “Unfolding” through the remainder of her days.

Non- Fiction

David Chang



David is an SF native who is interested in journalism, creative writing, and storytelling. Outside of taking classes at CCSF, David works in environmental health and science education. He also spends his free time exploring local parks, vegetable gardening, and learning new languages.


Alison Zheng


Alison Zheng was born and raised in San Francisco (Ohlone land). Her work is published in or forthcoming from Francis House, giallo lit, Sidereal Magazine, Sine Theta Mag, and more. She’s a Scorpio.

Visual Arts

Chloe Hull



Chloe Hull is non- fiction writer, poet, and musician. A nomad herself, Chloe looks forward to writing the great American novel while traveling the country this summer.

Social Media Leads

Gabrielle Lohse

IMG_5462 (1)

Gabby is a contemporary ballet dancer and avid writer of nonfiction and personal essays. As a social media editor she strives to use artistic outlets to connect people, even in lockdown.

Christopher Graczyk


Christopher Graczyk is a first semester City College of San Francisco student currently pursuing a Creative Writing certificate. Christopher worked on the Fiction section of Forum and was also the Social Media editor.


Aniah Hill


Aniah Hill is a poet and writer who recently completed the Creative Writing Certificate program at CCSF. Her first book of poetry will hopefully be published next year.

Joshua Slater


Josh is a full-time hobbyist. His interests range from woodworking to computer programming, farming to astrophotography, writing to hiking, and a smidge of anything else the world has to offer. In his spare time, he attends school, and he resolves satellite communications issues for several national and international companies and agencies.


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