General/Managing Editors: 

Loretta Bonifacio is a San Francisco native who likes to write. Two novels she recommends are “America Is in the Heart” by Carlos Bulosan and “Jazz” by Toni Morrison.



Francesca Bavaro enjoys reading and writing poetry and short fiction. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, walking dogs, and frolicking in the grassy knolls of Golden Gate Park. She is terrified of birds.

Fiction Editor:


Matt Mayren is a fourth year student at CCSF and twenty-first year student at life. He’s hoping to major in English with a minor in History and maybe land a job as a teacher, but living out in the woods sounds good to him as well. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he spends most of his time listening to people complain or writing millions of stories in his head, some of which might actually make it to paper one day.

Fiction Readers:


Giovanna Scandone is a student in her second and final year at CCSF. Her major is Communication Studies and she is also working on Certificates in Creative Writing and Fashion Design. She dreams to make her way to New York and write her own book. Forum has been an amazing experience and she has loved reading the work of people in the community.


Blog and Social Media Editors:


Tigran Demurjian is in the process of completing the Creative Writing certificate at City College, after which he’ll be transferring to a four-year university to pursue studies in comparative literature. You might find him pointing his camera at people in the street or popping unnecessary wheelies on his motorcycle. His favorite book is Froth on the Daydream, by Boris Vian.


Nia Bankova is in the process of completing her associates degree and creative writing certificate at CCSF. She’s back taking classes in person, after spending the past year traveling and doing her classes online. She plans on transferring to a university next fall and eventually completing her MFA in English. She hopes on applying her degree towards a career in screenwriting.

Poetry Editor:


Steven Louis Ray is a multidisciplinary artist working in traditional film and darkroom processes, in addition to writing ambient and experimental music and writing poetry. He’s currently studying poetry at San Francisco’s City College and working on a chapbook. His photography can be viewed at stevenlouisray.com

Poetry Readers:


Chris Lukens is a poetry reader for Forum Magazine. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Chris has spent the last decade in the Bay Area. You can often find Chris prowling the streets of the Mission, burrito in hand, on his way to the Roxie or trying to remember where he parked his bicycle.


Sharon Ho is a CCSF student working towards her Creative Writing Certificate. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys reading fantasy fiction.

Blog Bio Picture

Kayla Wilton is a San Francisco native. After leaving City College to earn her B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish, she is back at City to earn a certificate in creative writing. Some of her favorite things include writing fiction; cuddling with her cat, Jezebel; listening to music and audiobooks; traveling; and spending time with her family.

Visual Arts Team:

Manon Cadenaule was born and raised in the south of France; where she obtained a
bachelor’s degree in visual-media, but she did not want to stay there any longer.
She always wanted to experience the other side of the Atlantic, and to learn the English language. She came to the United State two years ago, to enrich her artistic path by studying creative writing, and writing fiction literature. She hopes one day to publish books inspired by serial killers’ lives, as well as children’s literature!


Leom Johnson is a second year student at CCSF, studying English and hoping to study linguistics in the future. He grew up in Tennessee and moved to San Francisco in 2014. Work, music, and travel comprise most of Leom’s time and interest.

Events and Fundraising Manager:

Yvette Martinez


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