Poetry Team

Joel recently completed his Creative Writing Certificate from CCSF.

Rachel Capp
Poetry Team

Rachel is a California native who has called San Francisco home for the last five years. She is
a lover of words and food, spending her free days over lattes and books, and occasionally taking overtly long walks through the city. She daydreams of travel and loves the idea of the
romanticized writer’s life more than actually putting in into practice. She is working on
completing a Creative Writing Certificate at CCSF. Find her on Instagram @rachelcapp.

Ace He
Fiction Editor

Formerly a biology student, Ace is an aspiring artist who enjoys creative writing and has dabbled with various forms of digital art. (Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash)

Kristin Jensen
Poetry Editor

Kristin is a poet, short story writer, and visual artist based in San Francisco. She has been published in Forum Magazine and the Academy of American Poets. She’s completing the Creative Writing Certificate at CCSF and is excited to continue her studies at the University of San Francisco’s MFA program in fall 2022. You can find her on Instagram at @grayscalesliding_pop.

Gloria Keeley
Poetry Team

Gloria is a longtime member of the CCSF community. She attended classes in the late sixties as a drama major. She was editor of Forum Magazine in 1969. She taught for CCSF for 35 years. Gloria is back attending CCSF as a student, taking writing classes. She hopes to get her Creative Writing Certificate soon.

Justin Mazzola
Blog Editor; Nonfiction Team

Justin is a longtime San Francisco resident who’s been blogging off and on for nearly two decades. He’s exploring journalism opportunities while also finishing up his Certificate in Creative Writing at CCSF. Justin is happiest on a bike, basketball court, rock wall or tree-covered trail. He’s mostly solar-powered, but also runs on donuts.

Laura Pugh
Nonfiction & Visual Art Team

Laura has been attending CCSF since the summer of 2019. Her major is English and has earned the creative writing certificate. Laura enjoys jazz, cooking, and old movies.

Jacob Ruiz
Nonfiction & Visual Art Team

Jacob is in pursuit of the creative writing certificate, and has future hopes of entering an MFA program in creative writing. He has no favorite book or author, though tends to lean towards 17th century to 20th century literature as opposed to the more modern stuff. Jacob enjoys chess puzzles and general trivia, and is trying to pick up drawing as another hobby.

Miriam Soto
Fiction Reader

Miriam is an English major at CCSF and getting ready to transfer to San Francisco
State University to take the next steps in their education. She can either be found exploring a trail somewhere out in nature or staying up late into the night putting pen to paper and creating stories. This is her first semester on the Forum staff.

William Stone
Social Media Editor; Fiction Team

William is a writer, reader, and creator in San Francisco. He and his husband share a flat with their cat, Pip. William loves to write comedy, satire and all things queer. He is in the process of transferring to UC Berkeley in the fall for English and creative writing.

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