Meet the Crew for Forum Fall 2017:

General Editor: Meredith Brown

Managing Editor: Zach Hauptman

Poetry Editor: Douglas Jovel

Fiction Editor: Isabel Magdaleno

Assistant Fiction Editor: Adina Pernell

Non-Fiction Editor: Jamie Avery

Assistant Non-Fiction Editor: Leland Jung

Visual Arts Editors: Meredith Brown, Zach Hauptman

Events Coordinators: Adina Pernell, Christopher Smith

Business and Funding Managers: Ashley Kiss, N. Forner

Blog and Social Media Editors: Natasha Forner

Readers: Troy Cantrell, N. Forner, Ashley Kiss, C. Staunton, Christopher Smith

Graphic Designers: Malvina Campion, Mindy Walters

Faculty Advisors: Steven Mayers, Chanté McCormick

Visual Design Advisors: Lorraine Leber, John Seckman

Production Manager: Colin Hall

Production: Johanna Rudolph, Sergio Valdez


And thanks again to the great staff who put together the Spring 2017 Issue!

General Editor: Carolina Pistone
Managing Editor: Oyunbileg (Obo) Shirendev

Fiction Editor: Bryce Riegel
Assistant Fiction Editors: Jeremy Williams

Nonfiction Editor: Kriz Natalie Monrose

Poetry Editor: Kevin Cosby
Assistant Poetry Editor: Vincent Finkowski

Visual Arts Editors: Meredith Brown, Lulu Samuel

Social Media/Web Editor: Zach Hauptman
Assistant Web Editor: Alex Saba

Business/Fundraising Managers: Meredith Brown, Jeremy Williams

Design Coordinators: Meredith Brown, Carolina Pistone

Event Coordinator: Alex Saba
Assistant Event Coordinator: Jeremy Williams

Staff Advisors: Julie Young, Jennifer Sullivan Brych



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