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Matt Mayren is a fourth year student at CCSF and twenty-first year student at life. He’s hoping to major in English with a minor in History and maybe land a job as a teacher, but living out in the woods sounds good to him as well. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he spends most of his time listening to people complain or writing millions of stories in his head, some of which might actually make it to paper one day.

Kevin Cosby is an English major at CCSF, and has previously served as Poetry Editor of Forum.


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.33.55 PM.png

Jeanette Quick (Editor) is thinking a lot about the compression of time as our physical spaces narrow to our own four walls. She is a fiction writer by night and a tech lawyer by day. Her work can be found in a number of publications, including The Offing, Ursus Americanus, Sweet Tree Review — and most importantly, Forum.

Madi Giovina is a fiction writer and the founder of Perennial Press. She edited and contributed to the anthology super / natural: art and fiction for the future (2019). Her work can be found in various zines. A collection of her short fiction is forthcoming in 2020 through Martian Press.

Cari Royer (Reader) is a dog handler by day and creative writing/english student by night. Currently splitting time between San Francisco and Australia, Cari writes for zines, radio projects and a few collections of short stories.

Connor Lacy (Reader)

Marta Zumwait (Reader)

Non- Fiction

Robert Fox bio pic 1.jpgRobert Fox (Editor) is a recent graduate of UC Davis and former CCSF transfer student. During his time at Davis, he published in the university’s annual non-fiction anthology and came to have an understanding with the local squirrels. Native to the Bay Area, he currently freelance edits Japanese YA fiction while pursuing a career in the publishing world.

Juan Ibarra (Reader) is a history teacher by training. He Juan plans to pursue both history education and creative writing in Southern California. Juan looks forward to adopting a puppy.

Faith Hanna - Customer Reference Manager - Zendesk | LinkedInFaith  Hanna (Reader) has a sweet-tooth for a good story which is why she’s been cooking up her own. Her most recent triumphs include quitting coffee (again), making an appearance at her college reunion, and getting on stage at The Moth. She is based in San Francisco.

Joshua Carter (Reader) is a Navy veteran and Journalism major at CCSF. Originally from the bustling metropolis of Saint Louis, Missouri but now grounded in Inner Richmond, he spends most of his time writing stories and songs or wandering around aimlessly in search of something interesting.

Victoria Webb (Reader)


Kimberly Kaufman (Editor) is a Bay Area native and has published writing here and there. Her passions include music, nature, and horror movies. She writes about all three.

D. R. Collier: I am a 67-year-old retired railroad worker. I began my work as a dining car waiter in 1979 at age 26. I retired as a locomotive engineer at age 62. I dedicate my writing to the older black workers who schooled me to survive in the entrenched anti-black racism of this industry.

Wesley Wang (Reader) is a Bay Area poet. He recommends that everyone read Ocean Vuong’s Night Sky With Exit Wounds and Marcelo Hernandez Castillo’s Cenzontle.

Ken Eby (Reader)

Visual Arts

Candice Meierdirk (Editor) is an East Coast transplant with a love for analog photography, letterpress printing, and writing. Prefers to be hiding in moss fields and chasing waterfalls in Iceland. Skol!

Juan Ibarra 

Faith Hanna 

Joshua Carter 

Blog Team and Social Media Leads

Faith Hanna 

Robert Fox

Joshua Carter

Design and Layout Coordinator:

Marta Zumwait

Contest Coordinator:

Candice Meierdirk

Events and Fundraising Managers:

Madi Giovina

Kenneth Eby

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