student writings

“Its body grew small and yet, it towered before us” (anonymous)

Visual Arts – BUGSUR – THOTH – Acrylic on Canvas

Thoth by Alex Nizovsky, acrylic on canvas

Alex Nivosky is a designer, and biologist who is focused on the beauty of living organisms. His art expresses his passionate engagement with the beautiful forms of insects and their relatives. His new art project WWW.BUGSUR.COM is devoted to creation of the fantastic worlds of surrealistic creatures which are all based on natural forms.

Day of the Dark Sun

by anonymous

It was late at night
A dark sun illuminated the black sky
Pulsing waves coming from the dark sun

First wave came with a flash, making us see the light of day while the rest remained in dark
Ominous wind came next, damaging our hearing
A blazing beast followed them, set free to burn and crumble as it pleased
It’s growl heard everywhere

We got our hearing back; we wish we didn’t
The blazing beast grew quiet allowing us to hear the screams
The screams that were muted by the air and fire were now clear
Finally, they came
On the fourth and final wave

Their Presence, the ominous wind became docile
The fire looked merciful
The dreadful presence that was engulfing the town
By instinct we embraced each other
They moved as unison no place left untouched
A single mind, many bodies
Wherever they walked, a death miasma was left behind
Whatever was loud in front became silent behind

Those of us that were alive didn’t move, simply looking at the destruction before us
Many ran away, but we didn’t
Frozen within that fire
One approached, silently
Her shadow cooling us off
A young girl stood before us
Blonde hair and yellow eyes
She was young, yet mature
Docile, yet dominant
Beautiful, yet terrifying
She wore a black kimono with a white lotus pattern
She glared us down, with curiosity glimmering on her eyes

Some of them came to stand behind her
With their black robes covering their bodies, and white skulls hiding their faces
She stopped them in their tracks as they approached
Like predators in front of a prey stopped by fear
With a simple wave of her hand, she dismissed them and they vanished into the black sky
She returned to glare at us once more
She smiled and with another wave told us to follow her
We did as such
The miasma of death and destruction parted ways for us

We left the place we called home for so long
We entered a dark forest
Dark embraced us, the light of the dark sun was no more
A different light illuminating our path
The black night parting ways for us
Her presence illuminating our path
We walked through the night, reaching a clear field
She made a wave to the sky

A shadow moved from the dark sky
It fell making a graceful descend
It touched the ground causing a comforting breeze to engulf the field
It was like the night itself stood before us
A creature with big wings, long arms, body covered in feathers and a bird head
She talked to it in a different tongue
It looked at us with those big yellow eyes

They moved toward us
Its body grew small and yet, it towered before us
He wore a black robe that looked to be made out of feathers
It moved the bird skull hiding its face, revealing glaring yellow eyes and a human face
The glaring eyes became merciful and comforting
They spoke to us in our mother tongue like it was natural
That was how we met our parents

Photos from Javier Zamora Reading

We want to thank all who attended our reading on Tuesday at the Mission Campus with poet Javier Zamora! I think the students really appreciated meeting someone who they could see themselves in—young, down to earth, funny, casual, uncertain, honest—who is also an accomplished writer and educator. Thank you, Javier, for coming and we look forward to the next time!

Poet Javier Zamora Reads at Mission Campus!

Zamora FlyerJavier Zamora was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States as a boy. He earned a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA at NYU and is a 2016-2018 Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford. Unaccompanied is Zamora’s first poetry collection. His poetry has been featured in numerous magazines and he has received multiple honors including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.

Poetry: Under the Saffron Sun by Alexander Hudluman

Under the Saffron Sun

by Alexander Hudluman

Under the Saffron sun, to the east and west
amidst its brilliance.
A pair of unlikely sun burnt eyes strained forth.
Played upon by the endless mirage trickery.
Misery was surely the desert’s dealing with the devil.
Suffering was its voice and the land told a tale of a hellish wasteland.
Littered with ornamental bones to laugh at the next unsuspecting man.
Death provided the over watch to the many things that didn’t necessarily survive.
Undeterred by other’s heed to the desert’s hostilities.
The man had dug his own grave.

Poetry: Tão Clara by Ana Sjobon

Tão Clara

by Ana Sjobon

Clara como a luz
que irradia do sol
Clara me conduz
mesmo me deixando só

Ela já se foi
mas é dificil acreditar
a saudade me corrói
pois me ensinou a caminhar

ás vezes sinto sua presença
me da forças e me acalma
como uma bússola que guia minha alma

sou seu legado
sua partida não foi em vão
seu exemplo é minha motivação

So Bright

by Ana Sjobon

Bright as a light
That resonates from the sun
So bright that guide’s me
Even when on my own

She is already gone
And it’s hard to believe
Your absence corrodes me
As you taught me to live

Sometimes i feel your presence
It strengths and sooths me
Like a compass for the soul

I’m your legacy
Your departure was not in vain
Your example is my motivation

Ana Sjobon is a Business major student at CCSF.

Poetry: Intension by Alexandra Saba


by Alexandra Saba

Oh how selfless and true we could be if we only learned to communicate more effectively.
Oh me, oh my, oh dear
how our words spill carelessly
dribble like mother’s milk from a babe’s mouth.
We can plant these seeds carefully if we hold them in steady hands,
dig holes with intention.
Mend pains of nonchalance
through calculation.
Reckon healing with sedulously poised letters
balanced on cracked lips.

Alex Saba is a poet and student at CCSF. She enjoys psychedelic trance, dancing in the rain, talking to cats, singing to the moon, and hailing the glow cloud (all hail).

Poetry: La Petit Mort by Alexandra Saba

La Petit Mort

by Alexandra Saba

waves flit
the nebulous terrain
of my body.

Echoing ripples
reverbing back
into my surrounding reality.

Warm, white glow
blankets me
lulls me
into sleep,
little slice of death
tasting sweet.

Alex Saba is a poet and student at CCSF. She enjoys psychedelic trance, dancing in the rain, talking to cats, singing to the moon, and hailing the glow cloud (all hail).