Forum Magazine Fall 2020 Online Issue

Fall 2020

Fall 2020

Visual Arts
Fall 2020

Fall 2020


Welcome to the Fall 2020 issue of CCSF’s Forum Magazine. For generations, Forum has been a platform for a diverse selection of Bay Area artists to express  their ideas through the power of printed literature and visual art. In order to continue this tradition into  the digital age, Forum has expanded the stage of their venue through the power of the online format with a  regularly updated blog that offers extended content  along with mobile friendly alternative reading options. 

The Fall of 2020 has brought with it some unique  and challenging obstacles to overcome. Historically, people have turned to art to give them a voice, hope, and inspiration in times of struggle. That is why Forum is proud to be able to present some of the best literary and visual art the Bay Area has to offer. This issue reflects a creatively progressive resilience in a time of overbearing adversity. Forum represents awareness of the world around us, while strengthening the  community close to us with beauty and joy. 

It was an art in and of itself to watch instructors John Isles  and Jackie Davis-Martin, along with Colin Hall and the incredible Visual Media Design Department, take a group of strangers from various backgrounds and guide them into becoming a cohesive team with a unified message. Although we were all in isolation, our dedicated class came together and were able to produce a magazine that showcases the talents of our generous artistic community; for  without their creative contributions, there would be no Forum Magazine

General Editors Wess Phillipson · Mattia Edwards Forum Fall 2020