In Solitude I Ask 

Vilma M. Ronzón

Why are corporations being bailed out / where do the millions and  millions of tax dollars go / How many hours of life does $ 1,200.00 buy / where is our healthcare and why do we not have any / why not abolish  rent / why are human beings still being detained and deported / is it  a pandemic or a plannedemic / who do the police serve / what laws  and policies are being passed behind our backs / how do we abolish  the police / how do we let others know that state sponsored violence  is evidence of a diseased society / (there are all kinds of viruses) / How is America so greedy / (I thought politicians were supposed to  help) / where are they now / are they with us and against us / politics  or politricks / will settler colonialism spare our lives, and the earth / and the animals / why labor / why money / why 9 to 5 / why sell soul  to survive / where is the authority going and coming from / how does  the tradition of corruption function / did we all consent to this life / who is in control / what is control / define: corporatocracy / how do  we return the land / how do we honor those who have passed / how do  we fight against them together / how can we heal / how do we rebel / where can we heal / why revolution / why must we heal / what am I  missing / what can be done /

Wow · Kristin Jensen

After Talking with Clifford Skooter Fein

the paper a table
waiting at table for idea to put to paper
the paper
also holds things
ideas & wishes responsibility
the table
responsibility is an
not a table
the tables
responsibility is to
to hold
a cup
a plate
an idea
a wish
sitting at
with ideas
that are
let go of

the paper
also holds things
ideas & wishes responsibility

sometimes ideas become true
as do wishes
hold a
a table
or let wish
set sail
the wind
to find
responsibility hard like table the
idea the
wish soft
like a prayer
love hard

the table

also a table
something to hold onto
love also
a wish
& a
a prayer
the table
love is not
an idea
love is love
there is a
table &
an idea
and a
there is a responsibility here

Cheap Eats + Park Life

Kristin Jensen

Zig zagging cement jut up a sharp driveway to meet In the dusty estuary of a smooth pebble sidewalk 

Spiky needles of a pine bush 

Nick the sedated air lobbing legs downhill 

Stroke thinning hair shade quiet blurring eyes 

The fury of Geary 

Something in my eye 

A widened squash blossom of marigold 

On a puddle of petals and crisp leaves 

Two red and white balloons with no words 

Mark a doorway 

No Parking 

We wouldn’t dare 

Gray ash spot fuzzy wide leaves 

Stale “hello’s” settle in the air unreturned 

We’d rather there no evidence we were ever out 

We mourn friends, what is a stranger on the street ? Two girls pronounce 

“It would be so cool 

To have a place that looks out 

At the city 

Or something”

A salty small poodle grimaces under a muddy mouth Besides the legs of a table selling 

Soft cheese 

“C’mon baby” 

Soft cheese 

Nails, Waxing 

A sweet soft couple walks in step dragging Shuffling flip flops arms linked on a Sunday I follow them headed home 

Why linger ? we move fast 

Biking, better yet 

Masks, better even 

Home, best yet 

A black and textured rubber rat hunches proudly Securely on a passing white helmet 

A couple kisses 

I wonder 

Who lifted 

Their mask