Writing Prompt Wednesday: The End Is In Sight

Happy Wednesday, my friends! I hope you all are enjoying the Forum web selection– I’m really happy with the pieces our editors chose to spotlight! Please look forward to more awesome writing and art in the near future.

Today’s Forum Lab is all about going over the final proof so that the book can go to the printers! We’re still finding a few trailing issues, but that’s how it always is with publishing, right?

The end is near, though, and the launch party is coming soon!
(An official post will go up as soon as I have approved art for it, courtesy of the multi-talented and over-worked Carolina Pistone.)

Which brings us to today’s writing prompt!

Since we’re busy little ants, finalizing everything for publication, today’s prompt is:

“The End Is In Sight”

What does that mean to you? Let us know through fiction, poetry, nonfiction or art.

Whenever you write a poem, story, take a picture, or create a piece of artwork based on these prompts, you can post it in the comments or submit it to submissions@forumccsf.org for consideration on the Forum Magazine Blog.

Make sure to follow all submission guidelines and in the subject line include “Writing Prompt Wednesday”. In the body of the email, please include the writing prompt you used for your piece.

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