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POETRY: “washing machines in a dark room”

washing machines in a dark room

almost romantic, to watch
the two move balanced in step,
rumbling in one another’s rhythm

the two grasp at
touches, the sound of gentle metal
upon gentle metal

the humming
reminiscent of
conversations that drift into
early morning hours

in their stomachs
a swirl of foam and bubbles
light-hearted and innocent

what happens when
the soap leaves their systems
does their love hover when they stand
next to each other

still and motionless

Written By: Wesley Wang

About the Author: Wesley Wang was born in Nashville, TN and moved to San Francisco at the age of two. He later earned his BA at UC Davis where they studied English and Japanese Literature. He currently takes classes at City College of San Francisco and is applying to MFA programs.

POETRY: “Sign”


I saw it writ big on the new building’s side:
Hayes Valley Isn’t
Just a State of Mind
It’s a State of Being.

I doubted that credo out loud—
Its ontology, its epistemology. No one answered me.

Is it true?
How can one know?
Only faith might illuminate this mystery.

I strained mine to imagine someone say,
“I guess I never thought about it that way,
but I suppose it’s so,” then shell out
For a million-dollar studio.

Written By: Jason Szyldik

About the Author: Jason Szydlik studied poetry at City College.

POETRY: “Old Furniture, Valencia Street”

Old Furniture, Valencia Street
low middle frequencies
of easy conversation
soft shaded light
through sidewalk windows
sweet maple umbrellas over
dozing meters and wheels

tenants of Valencia
arise and meander down your street
weaving like rattlers on your way to Dolores
I see you while a soft saxophone purrs in my ear,
rubs against my leg
making me forget all about
the sleeping desperados
who lay next to discarded dreams and other furniture
awaiting fate on the bordillo

hope is more expensive than slumber
dream of your childhood’s earliest days
before your sadness began

Written By: Steven Louis Ray

About the Author: Steven Louis Ray is a multidisciplinary artist working in traditional film and darkroom processes, in addition to writing and recording ambient & experimental music and writing poetry. He’s currently studying poetry at San Francisco’s City College. More of his photography can be viewed at


POETRY: “The Night Before Tomorrow”

The Night Before Tomorrow

Black above as far as the neck will stretch
Dark night sky, ear to ear black
But for the fireflies alit
And the stars that dance with white twinkles
And the faint smudge from 12 th Street
Aloft across the roof
Under the dome
Down to behind Billy’s dad’s house
Where the Moon sleeps during winter nights

Special shadows live at night
Some crawl from yellow street lamps
Others live in the ballpark by the stands
Where popcorn wafts and salted peanut shells hide
During Summer days but disappear when the Sun rests
After a long day surveying, cresting over the lake
And the birds retreat to their nests in the maple trees
Bluebirds and robins and brown birds with no names

Sometimes the sky explodes in crimson ribbons and pink petals
Night swallows day’s colours as a fish might play with a worm
A nibble or two to tease a ripple on the surface
And the colours are absorbed when the Sun tucks itself in
And rolls over until tomorrow
When bright and early before the milkman left a glass bottle or two

The kind that have a bulb shape at the neck to catch the cream
And the smells of breakfast stir juices in tummies

One day just like that a new dawn arose
That’s what cousin Billy said that night
But it seemed to me that kindergarten was the same
We played and napped and filled in lines with colours
And it didn’t rain, but we did have chocolate donuts
Still warm from the bakery where Nanny worked
And my brother and I fought about something
That was very important at the time

Still Billy called me outside after dark
Almost past bedtime and pointed up
“Do you see that” he said
And I knew he was joking so I said “Yeah.”
“Do you know what that is?”
“Yeh, a sky full of night and stars”
“No, that one is not a star but it is moving, see . . . “
“Where? Oh, I see. So what.”
“I don’t get it?” I whispered, not for the last time.
“What’s Telstar?”

Written By: Thomas A. E. Hesketh

About the Author: Thomas A. E. Hesketh was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on a cusp, in the last half of the last century of the last millennium; none of it his fault. He enjoys poetry because of its verbal range, except the caesuras, and chess because it is non-verbal, except the regicide.

Poetry Piece: “Getting Dressed”

Getting Dressed


I put on a dress.

Turn once, twice in the mirror,

inspect my ass, my legs, my breasts.

I look myself in the eyes,


comfortable with my pieces

and the way they fit



with how I have learned

to carry myself



and with pride.

Then, I imagine

walking outside.

Disjointed voices.

Crawling eyes.

I take off the dress.


Written By: Camryn Burkins

About the Author: Camryn is a writer and engineer from Houston, TX. Having left the engineering field to pursue her literary aspirations, her vision is a more unified and empathetic world, facilitated through the stories we tell each other. She can be found in libraries, coffee shops, and furiously scribbling on park benches.


Poetry Piece: “Hivemind”



“What will we do?” he asked the touch 

screen, capable of any

thing, but turning

Off. An entire civilization.


Only a circumstance, cinders.

Like a beehive dying

Sticky, abandoned.

Antennae and pheromones dance 

Instructions to air and wax

Meaning collapse; signal loss: total. 


Or a web of snapping 

Threads, delicate strategies.

Spinning and skilled hooks

Once tethered each branch to action,

Gathering vibration and struggle 

In a center, a silk heart.


Now subject to circumstitch replacement

Mere object, nano optics, operant conditioning

A swivel chair and a console.


“Who is there to do 

Anything now?” a small god

In his head offered. “You don’t even know 

it is happening.” 


Written By: Robert Hill

About the Author: Robert Hill lives in San Francisco. He is interested in philosophy and the relationship humans have with technology. He is a song writer and is attending the addiction and recovery program at CCSF.



Poetry: “Address To Myself Across Decades”, Featuring Image: “Days Catch”

Address To Myself Across Decades


Stricken as you were with silence—the fall-out from that troubled Celtic island—

you were dumb, voice held as if in solitary


Language languished.


I remember you taking flight

from Dublin, fleeing the dole, the lone

twenty-four old you were.

You heaved that great bag, the

huge heft of it all

across continents to Tokyo.


The oppressive September heat of the East, heavy and thick held

you in place, no breath

of wind to stir your tongue, your thoughts taut still.

God gone.

Silent, you pushed through that new city,

the furtive stares of the people: foreigner—

signaling the need to know yourself.


              I see leaves of trees animated

                             the God I came to know releasing breath

                                            gently bowing boughs 

                                                            blowing blessings to all who listen.



Were I able to reach you then, from decades’ distance, 

I might say,

“Go to the trees, 

twine around trunks

press your palm on bark

a pine—lay supine

draw in the mystery of tree

Your silent stasis will pass.”


Might you have heard?


Written By: Bette Mc Donnell

About the Author: Bette Mc Donnell is from Dublin, Ireland but has called San Francisco home for many years. She’s returned to poetry after a long hiatus. Bette works for habitat restoration in the City ( and enjoys hiking, dancing, and learning about biomimicry.


days catch_bnw

Visual Art “Days Catch” By: Erick Orihuela

About the Artist: Erick Orihuela is an Ethnic Studies and Film as Literature high school teacher. He grew up in the Mission District after moving from Mexico City. For him, teaching is a means of showing people his favorite philosophers: Frantz Fanon, Silvia Federici, San Te of the Shaolin Temple, and MF Doom. Takes pictures to better balance work and ludic activities.

Poetry: “gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA”, Featuring Image: “Friend in Me”

gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA


worry is another love, to worry is to love

sweet talismans of take care / be well 

not enough to guard against 

metal sharpened teeth biting down

on inner cheeks, salted salivary

shame flowing down through lips.


my mother’s love is worried

cuticles, scorched forearms 

forcing a plastic lid cracked open,

to peel back foil of never sour enough mast

tanged with thick prepped herbs that

radiate love, a worried radiation full


of sweet morsels to feed syrup down

your throat, raw short nails scoring 

the plain of mars, kindling flames

humming glassy eyed, worry sheared razor thin, 

roasted fat dripping hot, burning flesh,

wiping out wellbeing.


my mother’s love a sun small enough

to burn me, encompassing warmth, 

coppered hot and floral, mint alighting 

my tongue, irradiated comfort 

fleeting against the bordered

creases in our eyes.


crawled from the belly of my

father, my mother too wounded 

to carry me, a blazing sun crisping 

me brown, leaving a parched shell 

behind crumpled from intense radiation

blasting everything in its path.


mirror the way my love is worried, 

care tossed in worry wrapped 

around my figure, refreshed

to pink and blue plump little cakes

climbing to dream ourselves 

wicked, benzos bitter on our tongues.


unease dissolving sharp and metallic,

worry burned brightly away under

a chemical blank, a challenge forgotten.


Written By: Dena Rod

About the Author: Dena Rod is the Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor for Homology Lit. Through creative nonfiction essays and poetry, Dena aims to illuminate their diasporic experiences of Iranian American heritage and queer identity, combating negative stereotypes of their intersections in the media. Catch them on Twitter @alightningrod,, & on tour with Sister Spit this upcoming spring.

Friend in Me_Visual Arts_Photography

Visual Art “Friend in Me” By: Eunbin Lee

About the Artist: I am a student studying photography from Korea. Living in a new culture and environment of the United States, I try to express through pictures what I felt based on various daily experiences. I feel a sense of freedom by expressing it through my photographs rather than words. I hope people can feel the feelings that I want to convey through my photos.

Poetry: “Swallow a Beginning”, Featuring Image: “Samedi 01.12.2019, Toulouse”

Swallow a Beginning


I have a death wish. I wish death upon those who wish me ill

and look through my cellular walls, decide I am a nucleus weakened


from the world’s arsenal of surveillance. Do you see me through 

impact ending life blood on your phone screen? 


Do you feel it begin to burn when the crescent moons

of your nails pit the palms of your flesh in the fabric of this world?


How air flowing through your cracked nostril is eternal vigilance,

the price of victory, victory living out alive, two paths side to side 


leading forever to hear your water fall. Here’s the thing; 

I am a nucleus weakened from the world’s arsenal of surveillance


manipulated to what form sells the best reality, strongly threaded

to what raised me, the price to survive, build a new home in a crevice. 


The world presses down pushed in forever, I leaned into edges 

avoided; a terry cloth wrapped waist, light up ninja turtle sneakers,


rolled up skirts, page boy haircuts. Creating rules of my own reality,

I forever dripped sparkle on myself, roll on glitter dusted in diamonds,


mirrored fabric from a land only known from family stories. I’ve

built my way out of here, woven metal threads of fabric in this world.


Written By: Dena Rod

About the Author: Dena Rod is the Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor for Homology Lit. Through creative nonfiction essays and poetry, Dena aims to illuminate their diasporic experiences of Iranian American heritage and queer identity, combating negative stereotypes of their intersections in the media. Catch them on Twitter @alightningrod,, & on tour with Sister Spit this upcoming spring.

Samedi 01.12.2019, Toulouse_Visual Arts_Photography

Visual Art “Samedi 01.12.2019, Toulouse” By: Katie Holmes

About the Artist: Born and raised in California, Katie Holmes is a photographer and art historian based out of San Francisco. Throughout her photography Katie strives to explore the fine line between imagination and the more spiritual aspects of reality, She has recently served as an artist in residence for Arts Atrium in Arles, France. IG: @katie_holmess

Poetry: “Lucky Penny”, Featuring Image: “Vertigo”

Lucky Penny                                          


He laid the penny down

dug deep from his layered rags

this stranger on the street

at the corner outside the coffee shop.


He laid the penny down

with care and consideration

and, after a pause,

he walked away

in his tattered clothes

possibly to his home down the street

in an alley, or a doorway.


But he left the penny there 

hopefully to be found

by someone

who needs luck and possibilities,

who will pick up this penny,

and hold it tight                                     

for as long as is needed.


Then to pass it on          

to another

from another place 

on the ground

where luck and possibilities abound.


Written By: Bill Lautner

About the Author: R. William (Bill) Lautner, Jr. 75, father/grandfather/gay man, BSEE/MSIA Purdue, introduced to poetry in High School, renewed interest in early ’70’s, began writing in earnest in late 90’s concentrating on self-discovery, adding love of nature, and observations /experiences with family/farm/southern Indiana, studying with OWLS of San Francisco.

Vertigo_Visual Arts_Photography


Visual Art “Vertigo” By: Nikos Kihem

About the Artist: Nikos Kihem is a bicycle, motorcycle, world traveler and music lover. Enjoys reading graphics novels in newly discovered lonely benches. Awards winning photographer and writer living in Athens,Greece. Poetry publication“οι στροφές και ο δρόμος”(the road and it’s turns). You may visit him at or send an inquiry to