Poetry: Like a Laser by Kerry Luna

Like a Laser

by Kerry Luna

I limp my way from a
Gimped-up Beat Bar
And find enough time
To spit on a Barbary Coast Plaque

“Like bronze cow-pies,” I blurt in
BOOZY defeat.
“Enlarged and flattened for la
touriste’s sake! Der BLECH!”

All ready, the aching
On my frontal lobes

Like a broomstick neighbor
Hammering his hermit’s discontent
On the ceiling of his zoo cage
No escape but baying for peace

The sound of howling magical dragon heads
Still twirled in my psyche
Like the typical traveller’s trips and stumbles

Those noises I wished to drown
Like worms in the black hexagonal
Mausoleum of lawyer’s storms
Never wishing for repeals

My feet stumbled away from that
Dim little place of antlers and neon
My stomach ached like an old ship
Creaking and groaning at every strain

The hollering of other drunks
Eilled me to Posturpedic Tarmac
Car horns endlessly honking
For me to bury myself

Then, again, the pounding
Within my head returned

Within a few steps I
Was blasted with ultrashort
Pulses of light against
My hallowed, echoing chest

The little dull white
Rays of the welcomed attack
Eased my feet.
Her neighborly warmth arrested
My defeatist ills.
“You look like you need a cup of coffee.”

Kerry Luna is a graduate of English with a focus on Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2014 and is slowly set on getting published.

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