“Thou Shalt Not…” by anonymous


Thou Shalt Not…

by anonymous

“Thou shalt not murder”
Leaving this world should always be on the almighty’s hands
That’s what they teach
That’s what they want us to believe
That’s what they taught me
That’s what they wanted me to believe
I kill people
For it needs to be done
For I have people dear to me
I will keep killing as long as there are enemies

I’ve never murdered, for killing is not murder

“Thou shalt not kill”
The new words differ from those that they taught
What I believe now
I find no pleasure in the kill, for it is not murder
I kill those who wish to harm, but that’s not murder
I kill for the need to protect
Little by little, every kill gets a toll
Little by little, humanity is lost
Little by little, the shackles of death weight us down
Imprison by our own actions
The chains of death grow
Grouping those that died by our hands

Killing or murder
They both take a toll

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