“Laying the smackdown / On ignorance” (Dee Allen)



by Dee Allen

Forget seeing
Wonder Woman
In the movies
Or comicbooks.
She’d already graced
A Broward County
Hotel lobby
With her presence,
Capably defended
Herself and
The honour
Of Haitians
As swift as
Her two fists,
Landing where they may.
Laying the smackdown
On ignorance
In a tacky
Bright blue dress.
Wrecking its
Scornful mouth
Was unavoidable.
Bulletproof bracelets
Golden lasso
Had no purpose
In this public fight.
Racial evil
Struck down
Without their use
Or her shoes.

Forget everything you
Think you know
About Wonder Woman.
The facts regarding her
Character are fraudulent:

DC Comics
Doesn’t own her
And her real name
Isn’t Princess Diana
From Paradise Island,
But Colleen Dagg,
Hailing from South Florida.

Superheroes exist
In real time, too.

Dee Allen is an African-Italian performance poet currently based in Oakland, California. Allen is author of 3 books (Boneyard, Unwritten Law and Stormwater) and 14 anthology appearances (Poets 11: 2014, Rise and Your Golden Sun Still Shines, to name a few). Dee Allen was a former Political Science major at CCSF (2004-2010). Allen’s work appeared in Forum (Fall 2007).

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