Rat Glances (Les Miller)

Rat Glances

by Les Miller

Jason Jeremiah missed his computer commuter train and fell awkwardly onto the train tracks. “Well, I’ll just stay here,” he thought. “I’m not getting up. That’s the last train I’ll ever miss. To hell with this rat race.”

As he lay there waiting for the next train to divide him among his followers, he noticed that no one seemed to be concerned about the fact of his future fatality. He glanced up to see people glancing  at their watches. One person glances at him, but quickly glanced away when he noticed he was being glanced at. Then everyone glanced at each other; collective surprise, then they all focused their attention on their watches (the safest thing to do).

So Jason stared at his watch too. “Blast!” he whispered, “I should have been dead eight minutes ago! Where is a train when you need one.”

“Rat Glances,” by Les Miller originally published in Mild Perversions ([Forum] 1974, City College of San Francisco).

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