What Do Stars Look Like in the Middle of the Ocean BY JENNIFER BARONE

What Do Stars Look Like in the Middle of the Ocean


what do the waves feel like

are they calm, placid without wind

or violent as you charge

through swelling, white caps

between past and future

making you seasick

but not enough to turn back


only love can make us sail the open sea

never knowing what lies ahead

trusting what is on the other side

might be better than where we left

what we do not know

better than the desperation of war



what does the middle of the ocean feel like

where waves meet, crashing into each other

a known desolation into an unknown isolation


is there a silence so dark

you can hear your desires blaze

across the sky and fall into the sea

can you see a million of them

in a vastness that makes you feel

so small

so alone

only stars can hear your prayers



Jennifer Barone is the author of Saporoso, Poems of Italian Food & Love (Feather Press), host of the monthly WordParty Poetry & Jazz Series (thewordparty.com) and winner of the Poets Eleven contest for North Beach where she resides. Visit: jenniferbarone.wordpress.com for more.

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