Albeida – Thomas A. E. Hesketh

Without count
Or sound
Light’s rays recede
Timeless pace
Turquoise yields
Melds into azure
Blue hues deepen
Dusk approaches
Silent silver specks
Creation’s eyes
Fireflies or faeries
Mute echoes
Shadows dissolve
Emerge as stars
Cycle in turn

Thomas A. E. Hesketh
I was born in Toronto, Canada, on a cusp, last millennium; none of it was my fault.
 Most of the things that have happened to me have happened to other persons, too. Coincidence!?!? 
I enjoy poetry because of its verbal range, except the caesuras,
 and chess because it is non-verbal, until one talks about it alpha-numerically. P-Q4.

Acrylic on Canvas
Michelle Engeldinger

Michelle Engeldinger
This piece, titled “Neptune,” is inspired by the eighth and farthest known planet from the sun in the solar system and its moon- Triton. With its vast detail and intricacies, Neptune is primarily composed of ice and rocks, which can be seen in the abstraction of this piece.

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