Poetry: “Cars”, Featuring Image: “En El Trafico”



if we could talk for hours

I’d tell you of planned nights

nights that I have mapped and charted

that we might journey through and

visit every part of

no traffic on the roads

just us

exploring slick streams

that keep replenishing at the

toss of a pebble 

gently flown to the waters

if we could touch for hours

you’d know of planned nights

riding in warm cars

the motor idling at the

dips of rivers

idling at quiet, swaying 

forest trees

trees bending silence in our ears

you, a canopy over me

as we dull the motor

and shift into night


Written By: Gloria Keeley

About the Author: I’m a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA and MA in Creative Writing. My work has appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review, Slipstream, FORUM and other journals. I graduated from CCSF and I taught at CCSF for 34 years and was the editor of FORUM in 1969.

en el trafico_bnw

Visual Art “En El Trafico” By: Erick Orihuela

About the Artist: Erick Orihuela is an Ethnic Studies and Film as Literature high school teacher. He grew up in the Mission District after moving from Mexico City. For him, teaching is a means of showing people his favorite philosophers: Frantz Fanon, Silvia Federici, San Te of the Shaolin Temple, and MF Doom. Takes pictures to better balance work and ludic activities.

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