Cut-up Objects by Shannon Wolfe

“You have to know what you’re doing”, my sister says
And she’s been through a lot 
A flood and a fire,  
A box of butterflies, milk thistle 
Though I know 
She’s still never been to Seattle 
“I have to figure out what I want to sound like”
I reply, felling silly and cheaply made 
Because my tongue is lots of moved things
Green and brown and rare,  
A sip of Pinot Noir 
Almost like blood 
My name is written here so lightly 
Every time it fades I have to rewrite it 
And so 
She plays this game,  
She reminds me to be gentle 
But though I try, 
I feel as if I’m missing something or lost something
Perhaps an important moment,  
Transparent and sharp 
Weird and meaningful 
That symbolizes how quickly things can go bad

Shannon Wolfe is a long-time San Francisco resident who has contributed work to Forum MagazineSandy Magazine, and Scary Monsters.

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