The Pulse of the Bluegill in the Thawing Lake by Dana Delibovi

rippled water 
             over blood 
                                  in the star-crusted 

clear craters of the moon            muscle cells             green grassy banks
                                                   constrict                   stubborn 

on unlit roads 
           acorns ping                  prodded 
                                    from oak branches 
                        by embryonic buds 

                                                  midnight spreads 
a tablecloth 
             with white cups 
                         of hot milk                 the miracle is 
                                                                      that anything ever dies

Dana Delibovi is a poet, essayist, and translator. Her work has recently appeared in After the Art, Apple Valley ReviewBluestemThe ConfluenceEzra TranslationsLinden Avenue, Noon, and Zingara Poetry Review. In 2020, Delibovi received a Pushcart Prize nomination. She is consulting poetry editor at Witty Partition.

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