Incomplete Sentences by C. S. Hull

When my grandmother

was asked why she can’t complete

a sentence

before going onto

the next- continuously

confusing her listener-

she considered for a moment

before responding:

that she thought too fast-

she thought too fast

and by the time the words were

free, had flown from

her mouth and lingered

long enough to be heard,

that she was bored by them.

Her dialogue was

in effect old news,

and she was ready for the next

morsel of information

as it was ripening in

her mind. The pathway,

the expressway from thought

which moved at the speed of light,


in its conversion to sound.

Consequently her listeners

could never enjoy the velocity

of her internal brainstorm

and were never privy

to a fully realized



C. S. Hall’s Incomplete Sentences will be published in our Spring 2013 issue.

Copyright © C. S. Hull


  1. Loved this! Richard used to predict the “bottlenecks” so well.
    (side bar…”we’re on a new topic” or she meant huddled masses yearning
    to breathe free not rumpled masses.”) My all time favorite. ” She’s left that
    dog in the dust and is now debating garden statuary” Richard said.. it took 61 years, but I’m fast.. Sometimes I guess love is faster than the speed of sound. Bravo, Cec

  2. Its endearing how the author acknowledged the beauty of his Grandmother’s mind. How he understood the thoughts that came to her, but the speed of her brain moved way too fast to connect to the normal velocity of a conversation. Sometimes intelligence moves at the speed of light, and if you can’t except it for what it is you will just miss it all together. The choice of words and flow of the poem illustrated an interesting characteristic.

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