“A Day in the Life of City College” by Elizabeth Mims

Forum 70s cover and content
Past issues of Forum. Clockwise from top left: & other lovely insects (1976), (no title, 1973), Reality Trip (1972), Double Mirage (1975).

A Day in the Life of City College

by Elizabeth Mims

my debut begins at noon
I lock the locks
check the mail
survive the hardhats
wave to George’s Market
buy my cheese at the health food store
make the island just in time to miss the K
pay my dues to the muni
join the conglomerate collage
hump the tracks
write tribal danced letters
walk the mile
eat the fog
steady my opinion against floating philosophy
find a hair on my cheese
seduce m books
render my body
hump the tracks
discard the stale
unlock the locks
climb the stairs
and take a

“A Day in the Life of City College,” by Elizabeth Mims originally published in Mild Perversions ([Forum] 1974, City College of San Francisco).

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