“i am angry! / but lovingly angry,” (Gabriel Ariel Levicky)


by Gabriel Ariel Levicky

prepare for paramilitary
godhead will anoint you.
so you too can afford a huge
TV screen,
the end of orgasm is comin’.
just ask isadora.
dictators of happyism
rebuilt their countries
spending vacations on
i-n-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l pussy.
hypocrisy software inc.
is pissing a virus
to our soda minds.
yes, we are speechless, so speechless.
no common sense for underwear.
we can count dots and spots
on each anonymous giraffe passing by.
smiling left & right
for the best future.
i am angry!
but lovingly angry,
allowing them to save me again
and again,
until we all tired and exhausted,
cocks visibly weaken and shaking,
fell down,
yeah, down.

“Down,” by Gabriel Ariel Levicky originally published in City Scriptum ([Forum] 1992, City College of San Francisco).

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