Tenderloin by Lara Lingenbrink



They say-
     Do not
     walk in 
     the fillet 
     of this city,





I say-
     Do not
     cut the
     cow if you
     can’t stomach blood


in floods.

Your luck has kept your teeth white, 
you could’ve been born 
     no mother.


worn hyde
hope dried.



He lets out a string of 
                                        jumbled words 
and sounds and 
            coughs and 


silence never comes


to the Tenderloin.




Lara Lingenbrink, a recent University of San Francisco graduate, grew up in San Diego, and will therefore never acclimate to the Bay Area’s constant fog and wind. Always finding words in the simplest of places, she hopes to pursue her passion for creative writing and eventually publish a collection of her work.

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