Water Colors by Gloria Keeley

Water Colors


slowly up the canal

Chinese paper boats

water-write characters


hummingbees buzz secure

in the company of spiders


feather fathers move beyond

Maine rocks and

quietly watch water

slap against the stones

of a weathered inn


shells line the sill

alongside candle-dripped bottles


door slams

like ship boom lowered


a frame around one star

lends to the self of solitude


standing in the center of a cold space

the painting lacks emotion, warmth


petals with thin blue veins

light condensed

figures out of place

like a seaplane over the desert


I am a former student of CCSF. I attended City in the late 60s. My writing was included in the 1968 issue of FORUM and I was editor of the 1969 issue of FORUM. I taught for CCSF for 34 years. My poem, “Flag Poem”, is currently featured in the exhibit “History of FORUM Magazine” in the Rosenberg Library.

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