Rockets and Callalilies (Ryan Johnson)

Rockets and Callalilies

Ryan Johnson

True conviction in half-
baked ideas and what you said he
called something like genius
organic logic   (not divine
but inherent)
shot his bullet words through his
double-barreled esophagus past his
tongue and mossy teeth right in my
face you said was
red   But what do you expect?
This guy with a mouth like a loud leaky
faucet dripping stuff so surreptitiously
insubstantial it can’t get stuck even
in the drain   the worst kind of
philistine, can’t see himself
in the a mirror so transparent   and ignorant to his
own ignorance and
yes, oh so fucking charming and
you’d all bottle his precious words if
you could stop listening
for just a moment
and what about
all those things we soared on
you with a silver tongue and me with
olden eyes and it was
all so real that none of you remembers.

“Rockets and Callalilies,” by Ryan Johnson originally published in City Scriptum ([Forum] 1989, City College of San Francisco).

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