Untitles (J. T. Grogan)

by J. T. Grogan

rolling down the asphalt trail
an ersatz man
buried in a smogbox
of steel fiberglas and rubber

mouthful of plastic trubyte teeth
munching a tru-luv candy bar
made of butylated hydroxyanisole
calcium propionate
hydrogenated strontium 90
and vanillin an artificial flavoring

on his eyeballs
small plastic disks
ground to prescription
for to see the nook better

earful of earphone
connected by umbilical wire
to small black cigarette package
crammed with transistors & twang & luuvvv

mind awash with librium
and tv radio adslogans
all sloshing around together
precipitating inanity into the void

on his soul a label
26% nylon 31% dacron 43% polyethylene
wash in lukewarm pepsicola
dry away from heat or sunlite
made in u.s.a.

“(untitled),” by J. T. Grogan originally published in Forum (1965, City College of San Francisco).

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