Sweep – Y Lowy

to closely monitor your working liquids
and to have found his voice glassy and
unbearable and to have left

the room to cry in the hallway
and to have found someone already there,

it’s just that you thought
the flood had already come
so long ago and now it’s

the aftershock,
all reels and strained waters
and you have to go home

to fish the mop out from the closet
so you can sweep the waves clean
back into the sea

stop hourly to drink ice water
and then continue

with your life,
all the hottest days
booked up for sweeping

the oiled blues from the cracks
in the

Y Lowy
Y Lowy is a writer, visual artist, performer and musician based in San Francisco, California. Y’s poetry has been published in Fifth Wednesday + and Forum Magazine, and she attended the Ox-Bow School Fall 2018 Writer’s Residency program. Y is currently working on her first short story and full-length album.

Nathan Morales

Nathan Morales
A rediscovered childhood passion that is leading to new adventures. Currently living in the city, and retaking photo classes.

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