Of Waves and Wind – R. Shawntez Jackson

Currents move unselfishly.

Lapping at the shores of our consciousness

Repainting memories now faded
from strained expectations

but it is a gift

A taste of what true love is

a healing

of the heartaches measured in the waves

watch as the sea moves 
in conjunction with the wind

they are kind lovers to one another 
like the rib I’ve sought over lifetimes
It is a gift

To remember 
the innocence of dreaming

the act of creationism from a childlike heart,

sewing the purest seeds of destiny and home.

So I listen to the sounds of forgotten pictures

Lapping at the shores of my consciousness 
repainting the memory of my own dreams

– tiny masterpieces of life

I believed would be mine one day -

and I feel the hope well

the source of my good 
the kindest parts
that I’d covered up for protection.

And in my mind 
I drink from this well

A treasure I had once lost the location of

the origin of what my love languages look
like in flesh and spirit.

And I’m happily transformed by the attention paid to the lovers,

and my own deepest desires,
of a life consisting of intoxicatingly

waves and wind.

R. Shawntez Jackson
R. Shawntez Jackson is a native of the Eastbay. He is an award winning poet, playwright, spoken word artist, actor, educator and father of Wordsi2i.org. He is described as a vivid story-teller creatively framing and displaying some of the best and worst details of relationships, religion and sexuality.

Astronaut (Mars Police)
S. M. Murphy
Robot (Mars Police)
S. M. Murphy
Girl (Mars Police)
S. M. Murphy

S. M. Murphy
S. M. Murphy is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by the grotesque and macabre. His murals and artwork have been shown on the walls and in galleries of Sacramento and San Francisco, including both M5Art’s Art Hotel and Art Street projects.

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