Poetry: “Lamentation”, Featuring Image: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”



‘Tis known age comes to each and all who’ve been

But what, I ponder is such change about?

No more, soft babe-in-arms, oh how I miss that skin, 

Like alligator, now, and that fact makes me pout.

A mind, in school days, fast, at last enjoys

Slow cogitation in this elder manifestation

But thick’ning waist, chipping nails; each loss so annoys;

Though very small price to pay for continuation.

In age, youth’s lustrous sheen shuns hair and eyes,

The glow of rose no longer cheers the cheek.

Yet, the twilight owl within this aged breast soon flies

With taloned understanding when deemed time to speak.

          Growing old may be but lamentation;

          And yet, each indignity invites some revelation.

Written By: Claire Heinzelman

About the Author: Claire Heinzelman is enjoying retirement from serial careers of (reverse order) music education, advocacy training for families of children with special needs and corporate finance. To the untrained eye, this progression may not make sense; nonetheless, each chapter has provided a different lens through which to observe life and attempt to capture it on the page.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg_Visual Arts_Acrylic

Visual Art Image Titled “Ruth Bader Ginsberg” By: Ana Lazaro

About the Artist: Ana Lazaro is a San Francisco based artist. She considers herself a world citizen and has, since childhood, had a passion for capturing moods and emotions through her portraiture. Ana’s current work is inspired by her desire to celebrate empowered women making a difference across the globe.

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