Poetry: “Epitaph for Frank”, Featuring Image: “Waves”

Epitaph For Frank


If you want to remember me

Go to the sea and feel the breeze

Drive with the windows down

I’ll be along for the ride


When you can’t feel my touch 

Reach your hand out to a friend,

Smile at a child, call her by her name,

Gaze for a moment into her eyes


If you miss my voice

Sing a song of love

Of camaraderie, of strangers

Brought together as one


If memories of me are fading

Compose a poem of your own

Do it by hand, let it flow

I’ll be with you then


When I’m gone, move on,

Enter the living, breathing day, 

Offer a fresh white rose to 

A stranger, pause and stay


Written By: Doug Johnson

About the Author: I was born in St. Louis and moved to San Francisco in 1996. My father was a writer (non-fiction). I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Thomas Jefferson School (St. Louis) and my teachers for introducing me to the world of creativity and poetry.

Waves_Visual Arts_Photography

Visual Art “Waves” By: Theresa Cruz

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