you look like a ghost

you look haunted

you look hunted


barely alive, clinging to a bottle

bruises on your fists

a cut under your eye


like a caged animal

lost and confused

lashing out in every direction


all you know is that bottle

and that anger

I can smell your anger


rising off you like steam

flickering down unspeakable paths

into pitch blackness


did you ever find it

whatever you were searching for in the bottom of that pit

or did it eat you alive


I don’t remember anymore

those doors are locked

I can still hear one of us screaming


Written By: Chris Lukens

Be Kind_Mixed Media Photography_Kseniia Ha.jpg

Visual Art By: Kseniia Ha

About the Artist: In the past, I have learned how to draw religious icons, following all the scholastic rules. I have studied perfection in the craft, technique and formula of how to draw the divine face, until I finally came to feel an intangible truth: that all people on Earth already are ideal. We already are what we are searching for. I truly believe that we are the iconic images.

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