Poetry Piece: “Hivemind”



“What will we do?” he asked the touch 

screen, capable of any

thing, but turning

Off. An entire civilization.


Only a circumstance, cinders.

Like a beehive dying

Sticky, abandoned.

Antennae and pheromones dance 

Instructions to air and wax

Meaning collapse; signal loss: total. 


Or a web of snapping 

Threads, delicate strategies.

Spinning and skilled hooks

Once tethered each branch to action,

Gathering vibration and struggle 

In a center, a silk heart.


Now subject to circumstitch replacement

Mere object, nano optics, operant conditioning

A swivel chair and a console.


“Who is there to do 

Anything now?” a small god

In his head offered. “You don’t even know 

it is happening.” 


Written By: Robert Hill

About the Author: Robert Hill lives in San Francisco. He is interested in philosophy and the relationship humans have with technology. He is a song writer and is attending the addiction and recovery program at CCSF.



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