Poetry Piece: “Unforeseen”



The poison apple provides ample rest

for Snow’s strength to return

and certain vision to coalesce.


The prince’s kiss, electrifies; yet 

what seals the deal is 

her awakened personal power.


From glass case made for her slumber 

she rises and strides to the cottage

alight with wattage disallowed before her nap.


Trailing her; seven skipping dwarfs

their gentle maid is back!

one brow knit prince 

why does he not lead this pack?

and… a new order of the day

her business case will soon be made!


After sumptuous sup’ prepared by Doc

all gather round the board to talk of Snow’s broad new vision –

deep distress over climate calls her to make haste!


She builds her case: no more mining in their future,

out of the forest they’ll move to the plains

build a wind farm, ‘Heigh, ho’, above the winged things


Venture capital, in princely sums, their dinner guest supplies.

Guided by Ms. White, minority CEO, 

SW7, their newly founded enterprise provides 

clean green energy for a conscious kingdom, 

and perhaps,

one day, a queen…

but that’s still unforeseen.


Written By: Claire Heinzelman

About the Author: Claire Heinzelman is enjoying retirement from serial careers of (reverse order) music education, advocacy training for families of children with special needs and corporate finance. To the untrained eye, this progression may not make sense; nonetheless, each chapter has provided a different lens through which to observe life and attempt to capture it on the page.

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