Diego Rivera Contest EXTENDED to 5/19/20


Forum Magazine Literary, Visual, and Video Arts Contest


Unión de la Expresión Artistica del Norte y Sur de este Continente (The Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and of the South on the Continent, or Pan American Unity) (1940) 10 Fresco Panels, 22 ft x 74 ft

“American art has to be the result of a conjunction between the creative mechanism of the North and the creative power of the South coming from the traditional deep-rooted Southern Indian forms.”—Diego Rivera

Forum seeks submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, visual arts & video arts inspired by the themes portrayed in and evoked by Diego Rivera’s mural.

EXTENDED Submission Deadline: May 19th, 2020

See Contest Submissions Guidelines

Email text and visual art submissions to submissions@forumccsf.org with an artist statement of your work, that describes how your work relates to the theme.

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