Embryonic Drums 

I need to pasture this plain

but have no water supply,

no aqueous piping to advance the drink 


that last river to cross

in the bloodvein of bone-filled alleys

where bibles and knives

lay used and worn 


hummingbirds careen in plein air,

flip, then flop,

land in a grove of latticed leaves

their journeys immense 


a jigsaw of cracks

beneath my feet

show intricate veins on stones

that map the wandering mountains 


a bony little fist of flowers

in a smoke of moon

ignite the petaled sky 


whirlwinds tousle my hair,

over the barn weathervanes

spin like pinwheels

brooms lose straw 


clouds crash together

in cool combo

the notes of chords

like embryonic drums

beat through the woods 


bursts of raindrops

like marbles from a sack

soak undertow roots

the waters of floods

cyclone through the streets

the parched land

comes to an end

Written By: Gloria Keeley

I’m a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA and MA in Creative Writing.  My work has appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review, Slipstream, FORUM and other journals. I graduated from CCSF and I taught at CCSF for 34 years and was the editor of FORUM in 1969.

Copy of spitblossoms_spring_Visual Art

Art Title: Spring

Artist: Spitblossoms

CCSF student, Bay Area born and Tijuana-raised, Spitblossoms is a visual artist and successful musician who has always found joy and meaning in realizing his artistic visions and sharing with a community of artists. For Spitblossoms, art is a meditation, release, source of pride and sustenance that helps him perfect his vision, overcome hardship, and continue to push forward to achieve his goals and dreams.

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