Untitled (Robin Cohelan)

by Robin Cohelan

it had to happen
sooner later
they run to men with please protect me
i will be your live in maid
just pay the bills
i’ll clean drink coffee
vacant stupid
for your pride.

im stuck
i can’t play either
strong or weak
more Bold out freely so
and that’s as good enough as nothing

count the beads
the sweat rolling
mop the head
rush back the anger
curse the life and let death hurry

take me to another town
another time
im lacking luster
can’t shine neon
give me heaven
soundless space
can’t win this race
im a defeater
let the talent burn in hot air

“(untitled),” by Robin Cohelan originally published in Mild Perversions ([Forum] 1974, City College of San Francisco).

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