Ode to a Welsh Rarebit (Nizam Khorassan)

Ode to a Welsh Rarebit

by Nizam Khorassan

damn fool 170,530, etc.:
do you like this painting?

d f 715,230, etc.:
gord, yes, i understand it!

d f 523, etc.:
you understand it not
it is fulfilled representation
of a former sort
and a reproduction through
the medium employed by humans
is second hand, — — — untrue
mere kinship
and your understanding
is a revision of
the idea of the latter sort
sold for $3
expression @ $2 & 99¢
impression @ $2 & 98¢

listen to gossip for instance

the black suit picks up
more and more lint

the opposite is sure to happen
and even as i speak, you find not
the importance of each word as i
tempered it.

d f 715,239 etc.:

“Ode to a Welsh Rabbit,” by Nizam Khorassan originally published in Forum (1950, City College of San Francisco).

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