Poetry: “Essential Processes to the Development of a Sense of Self”, Featuring Image: “Zion’s Watchman”

Essential Processes to the Development of a Sense of Self


You string a hammock 

up beneath the willow 

within a thicket of oaks and redwoods, 

your body swings gently

back and forth, back and forth, 


time to relax⁠—inhale 


a deep breath of crisp fresh air, 

savor the soothing scents of eucalyptus, 

appreciate the rustle of leaves

after a sudden gust⁠—a chilling breeze,

the sun punctures her way through the clouds

kissing your skin⁠—the warmth tickles,

then there’s bliss, 

the bliss that comes with 

staring up at a canopy of bright

green leaves, eclipsing a sea of evening stars,


dawn draws near⁠—You exhale  


amongst the grove of oaks and redwoods, 

vines of ivy grow, clambering towards the sky, 

You observe, in the hammock 

beneath the willow swaying 

back and forth, back and forth. 


Written By: Francesca Bavaro

About the Artist: Francesca Bavaro enjoys reading and writing poetry and short fiction. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, walking dogs, and frolicking in the grassy knolls of Golden Gate Park. She is terrified of birds.

Zion's Watchman_Visual Arts_Photograph

Visual Art “Zion’s Watchman” By: Constance Louie-Handelman

About the Artist: Constance Louie-Handelman completed her A.A. degree at CCSF in 1973. Now retired as a clinical psychologist, she has returned to CCSF 2019 spring semester with a focus on digital photography.

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