The magnets spelled out the A      B Cs

Or they should have, to my mind

My friend arranged them in      any



I told him he was wrong

I knew how to read after all

Even if I was faking it half the time

I wanted to be like my older brother


The same friend moved away

We lost      touch as easily as we had met


At 18, I read an article

A rifle, a murder-suicide

A     hole   in the universe

This time

I’m not sure there is      any

order that




Written By: Matt Luedke

About the Author: Matt Luedke is a former editor of Forum. He loves to use words and art to pursue the magic of the Bay Area.

Mom's Chewing Gum_Visual Arts_Adobe Illustrator.jpg

Visual Art “Mom’s Chewing Gum” By: Veronica Voss-Macomber

About the Artist: Growing up in the wilds of Saskatchwan (you know where that is, eh), Veronica created with whatever was at hand – the family Super 8 camera, sidewalk chalk. Now a grown up (sorta) Veronica mostly uses a computer to create, but she has been spotted using a pencil and paper.

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