Poetry: “Autumn in New York”, Featuring Image: “The Fog”

songbook: Autumn in New York 

Why does it seem, long

after I left, long after she

left, autumn invites Aunt

Stella down from her

penthouse to walk her

way into it, just a few

blocks east, until 93rd

stops being west. 


And the hurried grid of Manhattan

spread-eagles suddenly onto rocks

and grass and Stella can pass

through birds scurrying through

what’s left of their September

sounds, and Stella can still sniff

past her own perfume and still

inhale auspicious splendor of

autumn decay. 


Passing the benches of

Central Park, she kicks her

Bergdorf boots through

unpackaged piles of

crackling russet riot which

the trees, green gone, would

not hold on to. 


Stella turns to me to wonder

with me what it will be like to

be scattered and remembered

this way.


Written By: Jeff Kaliss

About the Author: Jeff Kaliss has been studying creative writing and music at City College following the completion of an MFA in creative writing at San Francisco State University. At City, he’s appeared in Forum in various genres, read at Lit Night, and hosted the Poetry for the People Podcast.


The Fog_Visual Arts_Photography

Visual Art “The Fog” By: Nikos Kihem

About the Artist: Nikos Kihem is a bicycle, motorcycle, world traveler and music lover. Enjoys reading graphics novels in newly discovered lonely benches. Awards winning photographer and writer living in Athens,Greece. Poetry publication“οι στροφές και ο δρόμος”(the road and it’s turns). You may visit him at kihem.com or send an inquiry to nikos.kihem@gmail.com.

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