Poetry: “Blue Fig”, Featuring Image: “Purple Yam”

blue fig


my shoulder bone hooks

soft and bruised

beneath your arm

tenderly threaded

hands slide inside
blush of blood
wrists rotate round waist

cupped together

cold limbs blanket

from arching branch
in the windy night

smell of sweetness

against your winter jacket

our flesh leaks


Written By: Lisa Graves

About the Author: Lisa Graves is a California Native, now living in El Cerrito. She is attracted to the unconventional were she can quietly push boundaries and explore the edges. Lisa now finds art and expression in writing and photography. Her work has appeared in Milvia Street Journal and Rag Zine.

Purple Yam_Visual Arts_Photography.jpg


Visual Art “Purple Yam” By: Gloria Keeley

About the Artist: I’m a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA and MA in Creative Writing. My work has appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review, Slipstream, FORUM and other journals. I graduated from CCSF and I taught at CCSF for 34 years and was the editor of FORUM in 1969.

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