Poetry: “Lucky Penny”, Featuring Image: “Vertigo”

Lucky Penny                                          


He laid the penny down

dug deep from his layered rags

this stranger on the street

at the corner outside the coffee shop.


He laid the penny down

with care and consideration

and, after a pause,

he walked away

in his tattered clothes

possibly to his home down the street

in an alley, or a doorway.


But he left the penny there 

hopefully to be found

by someone

who needs luck and possibilities,

who will pick up this penny,

and hold it tight                                     

for as long as is needed.


Then to pass it on          

to another

from another place 

on the ground

where luck and possibilities abound.


Written By: Bill Lautner

About the Author: R. William (Bill) Lautner, Jr. 75, father/grandfather/gay man, BSEE/MSIA Purdue, introduced to poetry in High School, renewed interest in early ’70’s, began writing in earnest in late 90’s concentrating on self-discovery, adding love of nature, and observations /experiences with family/farm/southern Indiana, studying with OWLS of San Francisco.

Vertigo_Visual Arts_Photography


Visual Art “Vertigo” By: Nikos Kihem

About the Artist: Nikos Kihem is a bicycle, motorcycle, world traveler and music lover. Enjoys reading graphics novels in newly discovered lonely benches. Awards winning photographer and writer living in Athens,Greece. Poetry publication“οι στροφές και ο δρόμος”(the road and it’s turns). You may visit him at kihem.com or send an inquiry to nikos.kihem@gmail.com.

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